THE WALKING DEAD: Michonne’s Emotional Backstory Revealed?


Warning: the following story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead 4.02 “Infected”. Continue at your own discretion.

The Walking Dead producers have hinted at Michonne’s Season 4 arc.

During a possibly revealing scene in Sunday’s episode, “Infected,” the katana-wielder broke down in tears while holding baby Judith – raising the question, did Michonne have a baby pre-apocalypse?


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Speaking to TVGuide, Showrunner Scott Gimple and exec producer Robert Kirkman sidestepped the question, but acknowledged that the moment was indicative of Michonne’s story this season. Said Gimple:

“You saw her holding that baby and crying and that is absolutely in service to a story. That wasn’t random. Your questions will be answered. That is an important moment for the character and the series.”

Kirkman added:

“That scene in Episode 2 with Michonne is the beginning of a very long story about her that will be told over the course of this season that is going to really open her character up. We’re going to see what really makes her tick. This season, more than any other, these characters are going to be fundamentally challenged.”

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