THE WALKING DEAD Highlights (Part 1 of 2)

The Walking Dead Highlights
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Welcome to The Walking Dead: Highlights. With the Season 3 finale still fresh on our minds, it’s time to look back at some of the strongest moments this show has offered us so far. Although there’s only been 36 episodes, there have been many great moments already. The popular horror show has been known for its slow build-ups to major events, but it has rarely disappointed. That’s what we’re going to focus on: the strongest moments from the first three seasons of The Walking Dead.

Beware – major plot spoilers ahead


The Walking Dead HIghlights
EPISODE: 3.15 This Sorrowful Life
MAJOR PLAYERS: Merle, The Governor, Martinez
SCENE DESCRIPTION: In an attempt to make up for his countless sins, Merle Dixon lures the Governor and his men into an ambush. He gives his fellow survivors a chance to win the war, likely knowing he would end up dead himself.

  • This wouldn’t be a list of Walking Dead highlights without a mention of Merle Dixon. While he seemed like nothing but a two-dimensional jerk when he was introduced back in season 1, he has proven to be more than that over the years. As the Governor put it: he’s a wildcard, but an effective one, and he gets the dirty jobs done. He’s a weapon – in fact, he’s turned a killing device into part of his body. This character, portrayed by the great Michael Rooker, met his unfortunate demise in This Sorrowful Life.
  • While I had my problems with the execution of the scene itself, I can at least appreciate what the writers attempted to do with Merle’s character here. Merle was a bad guy, but he did show the smallest ounce of regret by going on a suicide mission. The older Dixon knew he had to die, but not before taking some of the Governor’s sheep soldiers out with him.
  • Using the Walkers as a distraction is a neat little tactic that Merle probably learned from the Governor himself. Unfortunately, Phillip seems to be untouchable. This scene clearly shows what a beast the man has become – biting off two of Merle’s remaining fingers before gunning him down like an animal.

Merle: “I ain’t gonna beg. I ain’t beggin’ you!”
The Governor: “Naww.”

  • Merle’s last words are a reference to his scene in Tell It To The Frogs: instead of begging God for help, Merle decided to take matters into his own hands… by cutting one of them off.
  • Daryl finds his brother as a Walker at the end of the episode. This makes Merle one of four major characters to come back from the dead. All four of them made it onto this list!

The Walking Dead Highlights
EPISODE: 3.14 Prey
MAJOR PLAYERS: Andrea, The Governor
SCENE DESCRIPTION: The Governor chases his escaped prisoner inside an abandoned warehouse.

  • The Governor chasing Andrea was one of the most frightening sequences on the show. It goes on for almost ten minutes and it’s just the right amount of freaky. The unique sounds of shattering glass and a shovel being smashed into a dead man’s skull certainly helped create that atmosphere. We might not all have cared for Andrea – I certainly didn’t at this point – but even I can’t deny that this scene was very well done. For the first time, I was genuinely afraid of what the Governor might do. If it had been any other character in the room with him, this beautifully executed scene might have ended up even higher.
  • While it doesn’t actually happen in this scene, Phillip does eventually catch Andrea and puts her into his Chair Of Torture. The chair we never actually see him use.
  • Andrea, again, uses the Walkers as a weapon when she opens the door to a small herd to ambush the Governor. It’s a smart move, and probably the coldest Andrea has ever been. If only she had been like that more often…
  • The melody that the Governor creepily whistles is the Walking Dead‘s version of a lullaby called Baby Bunting. He played and sang this song to his daughter in Made To Suffer. That might give you an idea of what’s on his mind during his moments of pure evil! The lullaby was specially rearranged for the show by its composer Bear McCreary and vocalist Raya Yarbrough.


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