THE WALKING DEAD: First-Look At Sword-Wielding Michonne


Grab your katanas! AMC has posted a first-look at The Walking Dead‘s newest badass, Michonne.

While the Michonne ‘character’ appeared in the Season 2 finale, saving Andrea from certain zombie death, that was obviously a stand-in — Danai Gurira hadn’t yet been officially installed. Now that she has, the network has provided the following first-look at Gurira as Michonne in sword-poised posery:

As for why relative unknown Gurira (Treme) was cast in this iconic role, Dead exec. producer Robert Kirkman explained:

“We looked at a lot of talented people that were really fantastic, but we were waiting for that one spark, that moment where everyone was completely in agreement and completely excited, and we felt like we had found the essence of this fictional character that just randomly appeared in another person, and that person was Danai Gurira. She kind of came in and really just blew us all away. She’s got incredible presence, and she’s got a theater background, and is very physical, and was just perfect for the role.”

Kirkman also reiterated his enthusiasm for the third season’s new prison set, and gave the promo folks something to think about:

“It looks absolutely amazing. They are shooting the hell out of this prison. It just looks absolutely stunning, and I think when people start seeing trailers and stuff for this season, I think people are just gonna be like, “Wait, what? This is what? I can’t believe this is a TV show!” It’s really creepy, really moody and it’s just gonna be really awesome.”

The 16-episode third season of The Walking Dead gets underway this fall on AMC.

What do you think, does Gurira fit the bill as Michonne?

Source: EW

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