THE WALKING DEAD Finale — Who Will Die?


The last few episodes of The Walking Dead has seen more bodies hit the floor than Barnageddon: The Return. With the promise of more to come in the finale, who will make it out alive? Here’s our bold predictions.

13 members of Rick’s flock remain going into the finale, but how many will survive?


While the series wants us to believe that no-one is safe, it’s extremely unlikely that the central protagonist will meet his maker so early in the story.

Verdict: Safe bet.


A large number of fans wouldn’t shed a tear if she bit the dust “Beside The Dying Fire.” Her whisper expedited Shane’s demise, so perhaps the universe will balance things out eventually. But this season’s finale might be too soon, especially with a bun in the oven.

Verdict: Safe.


We should name him Carl Catastrophe, such is this boy’s propensity to almost get himself killed. But as ridiculous as he looks with his dad’s sheriff’s hat, he can’t go yet. He’s the lens through which the show hopes to tell much of its future story.

Verdict: Pretty much a safe bet.


She’s one of the group’s most fearless members, so danger will find her sooner or later, but the Season 2 finale might be a touch too soon for those obits.

Verdict: Death not out of the question, but she’ll probably survive.


How quickly things change in the post apocalypse. Daryl has moved from outsider to Rick’s right-hand-man-in-waiting. There’s also the Merle factor waiting in the future season wings.

Verdict: It’s surely too early for Daryl go to the squirrel farm in the sky.


Aside from self-imposed laundry duty and a potential romantic fling with Daryl that no-one wants to see, Carol’s value in the group is pretty much to make up the numbers. Don’t be surprised if she decides to put Carl’s mean rant about heaven to the test.

Verdict: Likely Goner


Go-To-Glenn used to be daring and reckless, but that was before he had someone to live for. His heightened romance with Maggie has made him cautious, and that could be his undoing in those fleeting seconds where instinct is the different between life and death. That said, Glenn might just have enough juice left in the tank for Season 3.

Verdict: Could go, but should be OK.


T-Who? If you’re T-Dog going into this finale you’re going to be very, very nervous indeed.

Verdict: You never know, but if his arc to date is any indication, he’s a goner.


Hershel has served the purpose of host and medical hand. The promos suggest he would rather die than leave his farm, and we kinda think that might be the case.

Verdict: Dead meat


Not a safe-bet, but we can see her making it out alive, if only to show Glenn how to ride ‘horses’ next season.

Verdict: Might squeak through.


No thanks to Andrea, Beth is still in the land of the living, but for how much longer? Does she have the burning desire needed to make it out alive? Time will tell, but if Hershel goes, surely Beth has to go down with him.

Verdict: The Bethly Hallows await.


Hen lady has barely said two words all season and you want her to make Season 2? Perhaps she could be a slow-burner, but she’ll more likely die beside the dying fire.

Verdict: Likely RIP


Enough of your Jimmy Who?  If it wasn’t for Jimmy the whole farm would have been overrun days ago. Jimmy is the very foundation on which The Walking Dead is built. If Jimmy dies, the show dies. ..Ah, who am I kidding?

Verdict: Bye-bye Jimster.

That’s our view — but what’s yours? Feel free to vote for who you think wont make it out of Season 2 alive using the poll below. You can vote for up to FIVE characters:

The Walking Dead S2 Finale: Who Will Die?

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    If T-Dog goes, I hope he takes no prisoners and goes out with a BANG !

    I think Lori is gonna loose the bay-bee.

    Andrea, because of her ties to Frank Darabont.

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