THE WALKING DEAD Boss On Serialized Horror


One of the most identifiable aspects of AMC’s The Walking Dead is its dedication to horror within an ongoing narrative. It doesn’t do ‘zombie-of-the-week’, a philosophy that differentiates the show from many of its horror seriable compatriots.

Speaking to Collider at the recent Saturn Awards, showrunner Glen Mazzara spoke about The Walking Dead‘s approach to horror versus the different tack taken by the likes of The X-Files and Buffy:

“There are very few horror shows, where you have a long running arc.  Most horror shows play as a sort of an anthology.  Buffy – a terrific show – had the-demon-of-the-week.  Twilight ZoneX Files – these things had an anthology approach. Our show is a long running drama with the same creatures every week.”

When it comes to television versus movies, Mazzara believes small screen horror comes out top when it comes to giving the audience a strong connection to characters:

“What’s nice about the TV medium is you have such a connection to the characters that when somebody dies, the audience cries.  They really feel it. You really don’t cry when someone dies in a horror movie.”

With Walking Dead, American Horror Story, 666 Park Avenue, among others, hitting the screen this fall it’s going to be interesting to see how they each continue/begin their ‘horror stories’ using different degrees of serialization.

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