THE WALKING DEAD: Andrew Lincoln Promises ‘Insane’ Third Season


The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln promises the third season of the AMC serial will be “insane.”

Lincoln says the show’s writers “have roughly plotted the first eight episodes” of the upcoming season and describes it as “insane”. Noting the show’s freedom to diverge from the comic books, as particularly seen in Season 2, Lincoln explained:

“It’s not adhering to the comic books – they threw in a death [last season] when the character doesn’t die for years [in the comics]. So that flipped the [comic] fanbase as well. They’re afforded the opportunity to play with that and kind of tease them.”

Despite several notable deaths last season, Lincoln doesn’t feel the show will suffer:

“We did lose a lot of people sadly, and it seems to be an occupational hazard in a zombie apocalypse. But ultimately it will be one of the enduring strengths of the show that we can move on in a very clean way and not feel that we have to keep churning out the same storylines for different characters.

The great thing about it is the world keeps opening out and it’s less about ‘Let’s run away from the zombies and find a safe place to live’, it’s more about how does society begin again and how do we define humanity in this new extraordinary apocalyptic world?”

At least two high-profile characters from the comics have already been confirmed for Season 3, with David Morrissey playing the iconic Governor and Danai Gurira portraying the katana-wielding Michonne.

The third of The Walking Dead season is slated to premiere this fall on AMC.

Source: Digital Spy

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