THE SECRET CIRCLE Producer On Powerful Ending — Finale Preview


Secret Circle exec producer Andrew Miller puts the preview on tonight’s season finale.

On John Blackwell questions:

“There is an extremely diabolical next phase to Blackwell’s plans that the kids aren’t privy to, that Faye’s kidnapping has something to do with. He’s a complicated guy, to say the least. But we’ll completely understand why he’s in Chance Harbor and what he wants, and the viewers can decide just how evil or not evil they think he is. And Cassie will make that decision very clearly.”

Charles and Dawn to get their powers back?

“Over the last couple of episodes, both of them have come to realize how misguided and selfish their goals have been. While they’ve been talking a big game about wanting their powers back in order to help their kids, this is when they really do have to help their kids. It’s more important than ever to get their powers back. There’s a way to do that, but they’ve been looking for the easy way out this whole time. What we come to learn is there is no power without loss, no power without struggle. If they want the power, the out won’t be so easy.”

Will the circle be unbound, as per the above promo?:

“In order to save the Circle, they’ll have to come apart. But the consequences of that are more complicated than they first imagine.”

Check out the following The Secret Circle finale previews in the players below:

Source: EW

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