In case you missed it during the smattering of renewals and cancellations, both Missing  and The River took a bullet from ABC and will not return next season.

No real surprises here. Both stories struggled to find real traction and it never looked like ABC were going to stand by either project when the going got tough.

There had been rumblings that Netflix were willing to take a dip into the River, but no follow up on that at this time. Both are dead in the water, unless we hear otherwise.

More news and reaction to come — of course, the Missing finale airs on Thursday, May 17.

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  1. Jason says

    They both sucked. The new crop of fall shows has plenty of potential. We won’t even remember these shows soon.

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    • Underseer says

      And when the ‘new crop of fall shows’ gets cancelled, you won’t remember those soon either, right? Speak for yourself.

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  2. Underseer says

    Never got to see missing, but I’m upset for The River. It had some irritating moments but a lot of potential and a fairly original concept.

    I know I’m a stuck record with this on Seriable, but once again, it underlines the fact that open ended serials don’t work. Very few get to have resolution.

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  3. FlashWriter says

    I spilled my guts about serialized shows when “Alcatraz” got executed, so I won’t repeat what I said there. This show had so very much promise, had a great, likable cast that was doing a fantastic job. I liked the feel of the episodes, kind of a throwback to “I Spy” as well as having a distinct “James Bond” flavor. I was so sure of a renewal that I didn’t even look at the ratings (just goes to show you that really good television can block certain nerve inputs). I seriously mean this: I may stop watching serilized shows. This really, truly stinks.

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  4. Yesenia says

    This really sucks, I was so excited and ancious to see the next season, I can’t believe they would cancel.

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  5. Angie says

    OMG!!! I loved the River!! And Missing wasn’t bad either, i watched both shows till the end. I am sad about the river being cancelled, i was so excited to see what happened.

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  6. cassie says

    I was really looking forward to season 2 of the river i thought it was great. I think it just took a while for word to get out ad when ppl realized what it was and about they only got to enjoy the last few episodes and were looking forward to season 2

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