THE RIVER: Dead In The Water At Netflix


The River‘s hopes of surfacing at Netflix appear to have sunk, according to the latest reports.

The paranormal series was recently canceled by ABC after one 8-episode season, due to ‘disappointing’ ratings. Prior to official cancelation, the show was courted by Netflix as part of their serialized content building strategy, but the waters have become worryingly still.

Now, according to Deadline, the streaming giant has “passed” on the opportunity to make The River Season 2 — a move that would have been fascinating given the potential opportunities that their digital platform could provide long-form content.

While The River never really hooked this particular seriablogger, it certainly brought something a little different to the table and it would have been interesting to see a fully serialized continiuation of the series. Who knows what Season 2 would have brought?

Source: Deadline

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  1. Page 48 says

    “The River” just wasn’t my thing. I got part way through the opener and that’s all I needed to see. I would much rather see that “Jericho” rumour come to fruition. Frankly, I’m not optimistic that J will be revived, either. I file most of these things in the I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it-category.

    I think we’ve entered the age where every series that gets cancelled on network TV will spark a Netflix rumour before it can officially fizzle out forever.

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  2. Christopher J says

    This show was so awesome!!! Save The River…need to see more, need season 2, not only the USA watches it…the rest of the world LOVES this darn show!!!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 65

    • sylwia says

      me too POLAND
      chcemy 2 sezon, czekałam i czekałam, szukam w necie a tu niemiłe info, 2 sezonu nie będzie :(

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    • Bev says

      yeah..i wish they’ll do the second season…please…we, asians, love it. it was really a great show. there are so many twists that gave thrills down our spine. My sister likes it too. we’ve searched almost all the sites just to watch this show. so please, continue second season…don’t cancel it please…pretty please.

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  3. Paja Valjent says

    Save THE RIVER!!!! Save THE UNIQUE TV SHOW!!!!!
    Greeting from Czech republic!!!! :)

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  4. says

    This was a terrific, spellbinding, thrilling show. That brought my teen son and I nights of discussions and bonding. We both enjoyed the cast and the story line. It was something different then the shows out there today, that you can just veg. out and stuff food in your face while falling asleep. No, this show was one you definiately could not fall asleep on. Please Bring back “The River”.

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  5. Tabitha says

    This show was awesome! Clearly the people that weren’t enthralled aren’t into the horror genre at all. It is an incredibly interesting series…wish we could see a season 2.

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  6. Monica says

    The River is a very cool series. When I watched the first season and found it very cool and interesting. Of course it should have more seasons.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 24

  7. Molly says

    SAVE THE RIVER!! great series, Im sure more people would watch it if there were more episodes. I enjoyed season one thoroughly :)

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  8. Julia says

    Save The River! It was such an awesome series, so different from the usual boring shows, and it was super enjoyable to watch the development of the stories and characters. Season 2 plz!

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  9. curt turley says

    Please bring back The River!!!!! BOUGHT SEASON ONE, WOULD LOVE A SEASON TWO!!!!!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 14

  10. fabi says

    acaban de estrenar the river por axn en PERU, yo ya vi toda la serie y es una de las mejores series vistas en mi vida! hagan una segunda temporada ! no es justo que ahora que la estrenan no la continuen!!!!!! save the riverrr !!!

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  11. Merrymary says

    Please save The River! It’s rare to find something new on t.v. anymore, and this was different than any other “reality”/lawandorder/”whatididandwhyit’stvworthy” show that’s done to death out there. I hardly ever watch any of the “big three,” but this had me tuning in to ABC every week it was on. Please, Netflix, don’t send us down the river without….The River!

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  12. Giovani says

    Por favor continuem com a serie, é muito boa, o ultimo episodio deixou com gosto de ‘quero mais’, THE RIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!

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  13. cait says

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE RIVERRRRRRRR!!! this show not only was awesome but kept you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode the following week! im sooooo mad that there is not a season two! several people i know loved this show. Please please please ring it back! thankssssss.

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  14. titsmagits says

    please please PLEASE bring back the river, there arnt alot of shows out there like this ! youve got to make at least a second season

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  15. Chris says

    The River is a helluv alot better than that pathetic pg13 Terra Nova

    C’mon Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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  16. Beatrice says

    No! Please let there be another season of The River! My cousins and I are completely obsessed with horror movies/shows. So far, we all agreed that this was the best one we’ve watched yet!

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  17. Anna says

    Please bring in Season 2, we Love it, it is definately different, exciting chilling and full of “nail biting” moments. Me and my collegue are hooked and are always excited on the day its playing and it sure its the Topic of discussion the next morning!!!

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  18. dean says

    this has got to one of the best tv series going around, and thats saying some thing because its only had one,
    iv been waiting for some thing because all tv shows are just the same now, but this is different.
    i just wish it had more time to get viewers,
    as i think it wasnt on long enough and hadn’t been advertised enough,
    i wish they would be this show back, it deffenitly deserves another chance.

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  19. Anon says

    The river would have had more views if it was shown at a different time. It really is a great show, and deserves to be saved.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 11

  20. daisyabarca says

    i was watch the river is one of show tv reality a wonderful. i would like to watch the river 2 to bring back on big SHOW TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE CONSIDER ABOUT IT . I will get 5 star for you on SHOW TV. HORRRY!!

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  21. Montyd101 says

    Please bring back The River! Best show ever!!! Here in Oz there have been NO promos- you cannot justify cancelling a show that is million times better then any other and had zero publicity.

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  22. ali darbanaian says

    hi every body i live in tehran & i see the 8 episode of seasson 1 the river.but im so sorow for cancelation making of seasson 2 please continue this serial because every human in word just see 1 epissod of this movie like to see all epissods and waiting for your signal im so sorrow for this mather please please edame bedin…..
    love all…. love spilberf

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  23. Sameera says

    Please could you please give us the river S02 back! Please please. I loved this a lot! Why the hell you are cancelling it? Don’t do this. We lave!

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  24. JohnM says

    Because of the cheesy opening, for about 15/20 mins i thought the river was the biggest load of rubbish ever, but it turned out to be one of all time favorite shows. Change your mind peoples.

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  25. Olivia says

    My fiance and I bought and just finished season 1 of The River and we LOVED IT! We both couldn’t wait til the end of the night so we could turn off the lights and crawl into bed to watch this enthralling, scary & unique show. At the end of it, we were both excited to look online for season 2 BUT lo and behold to our great disappointed there isn’t one!! BOOOO Bring it back!!
    Cheers from Canada!!

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  26. Mei says

    I saw the firs season in one day and couldnt stop watching it. It is one of the est serias I ever seen. Pleasemake seson 2 and 3 and 4….Greetings from Croatia

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  27. Tammy says

    I LOVED this show!!!! Please bring it back. There was finally a show on worth watching, that WASN’T a reality show!!! PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!!

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  28. Kenny says

    I loved the river. I had to watch it online as it was only released on iTunes in UK. I really enjoyed it as it was something different. I think the reason for the bad ratings was not enough was put into advertising it. I hope they give it another season

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  29. Bethany says

    please please bring the river back! i loved this show! i watched every episode! even recorded it when i wasnt home to watch it right then! i think it was brilliant. theres lots of us who liked the show and it really isnt fair that we wont get a second season. :( highly disappointed!!!! bring it back.

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  30. KHaywood says

    It’s really too bad…I know a lot of people who enjoyed The River. Yes, a little odd or quirky…but, i’ve always loved shows that deal with paranormal/weird and wonderful happenings…BRING IT BACK!!!!!!! :(

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  31. Miranda says

    I love the river. My brother and I just watch the first season and couldn’t get enough of it. If they had advertised better I think more people would have watched it. I Really Really want them to make season 2.

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  32. Josephat says

    That show had a whole new and unique styl…almost thought it was real!!,get it back for heaven’s sake

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  33. Pete says

    One of the most original series i’ve ever seen in a long long time! Now that the series were actually starting, with them lost in the river with no way out, how could they cancel it? How do you cancel something before it really starts? PLEASE SAVE THE RIVER!!!

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  34. Person says

    Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase SAVE THE RIVER!!! It’s One of the BEST and MOST interesting shows I’ve seen on abc.

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  35. Jennifer says

    Please save THE RIVER!!!!!!! It needs a second chance. It kept me on the edge of my seat. It is hard to find a show that will to that.

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  36. Leah says

    WTH!!! I Loved This Show! Are You Kinding Me! I Am Like Dieing! Every Week I Waited For This Show And Everytime I Watched It I Made Sure NO ONE Interupted Me! This Show Was Such An Amazing Thriller And My FAVORITE Show! How Could Anyone Even Think About Canceling This Show! SAVE THE RIVER!!!!! SAVE THE RIVER!!! SAVE THE RIVER!!!

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  37. Kristy says

    Please, please save the River! My favourite show! I don’t have netficks but would totally get it if the 2nd season of the river was on it!

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  38. Jason says

    How can you not have a season 2 after the way you left off season 1.. Please think of your viewers for once.

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  39. T says

    I thought the river was a good series, as it brought something different to TV, reallity is getting old and some of the other crap on the tube isn’t worth watching. As far fetched as this show was, I found it entertaining and made you think as they kept diferent angles coming at you all in 8 episodes.

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  40. The River Lover says

    ABSOLUTELY !!!!!!! L-O-V-E-D “THE RIVER” I was so looking forward to a Season 2…. I must admit that even myself as a first time audience, I didn’t really care for the show. By the 3rd episode I was hooked.

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  41. harold says

    Thats cancelling my netflixs..assholes..your just as blind and stupid as the asshole who is in charge at ABC…give it a better timeslot..dont try and compete with shows who bring in 30+ million..besides most of america is too stupid to follow a lot of these shows..

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  42. Erik says

    This was my favourite show… how can you do this :'( ?!

    C’mon you CAN’T just shut it down, think of ur viewers.
    I’ve waited so long for a season 2. This ain’t happening :( !

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  43. Chelsea says


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  44. Flip says

    I can’t believe that this show is cancelled it was the best thing on tv WOW all these damn singing show this was the only thing I was looking forward too please bring back

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  45. alexander says

    Typical americans…They rather watch series like “grimm” “terra nova” and other horsesh… ,and close their eyes on creative projects.I bet a few people have seen the lost room.MORRONS. SAVE THE RIVER -SAVE GREECE. Alexander.

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  46. Save the river!! says

    the river is going to be shown in the uk on syfy from next Tuesday! If it gets good viewings here maybe a season 2 will be filmed?! Let’s keep our fingers crossesd!! Abc are idiots for scrapping such a good show!

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  47. SnowVixen says

    CONTINUE WITH THE RIVER!!! Its the first show of its kind!! It was finally something that actually scared me! And nothing really scares anyone these days. PLEASE continue making the second season give it a chance to pick up the ratings that you want! It will happen.

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  48. King Jeffy says


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  49. Rob says

    Wow Just saw season one in one Evening and it was breath taking! for me THE best serie ever
    make more seasons please !!!!

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  50. Chris Carmer says

    The show was a littleruff in the first episode but after that I was sucked in big time. From what Im told the show didn’t catch alot of views but that doesnt include the people that DVR all their shows cause they cant wach it at that time. Netflix needs to give it a shot and actually see how many people have alot of interest in the show and they will probablly be suprised to the results. So yes they need to start a second season and continue the show. PLEASE you cant leave us sitting here wondering what the heck happens!!!

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    • Joe says

      Please season two best show ever!!!!! The season finale was awesome there should be a second season I want to know what would have gone on please reconsider about bringing this back!

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  51. sylwia says

    ja wam tak podpowiem: przeczekaliście, zasmuciliście ludzi, którzy oczekiwali na 2 sezon, teraz będzie wam to opłacalne, ludzie będą promować dalej..znajomym/ rodzinie tylko by zwiększyć oglądalność i by było coraz więcej sezonów

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  52. Kaitlin says

    Please Bring Back The River! This show was amazing! I absolutely love this show! If there was a season two I’d absolutly loved to watch it! Bring back the River! Save the River! :)

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  53. Temi says

    why do they cancel great shows? The River was great i love it. I am beginning to think ABC do not know what they are doing.

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  54. Paula Ward says

    Just seen episode 1 of Season 1 and I am hooked we recorded it as we could not watch it when it was scheduled on the TV. If hte rest of the series is as good they would be crazy not to go for a second season.

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  55. Sko says

    I wouldnt say The River is so ‘unique’, ‘original’ or ‘different’.
    Its just a great show, one of the most exciting ones ive seen so far. I never normally enjoy horror of any kind but the plot is just so fantastic!

    We need season 2!!

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  56. Benjamin Tallent says

    The ease at which the networks cancel shows is really disheartening. Poor viewing figures? Give it a chance!!! I only just discovered it recently and for me it is the undisputed successor of Lost. A really interesting and gripping show, far better than the usual tried and tested fare. I’m getting so sick of becoming involved in a series only for it to be withdrawn before any satisfactory conclusion is reached (Journeyman is another example). Bring it back or else!

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  57. Joe says

    The River was great, the plot was fantastic and I was very drawn into the story. So when i heard a season 2 was not coming I was surprised beyond belief. And honestly if Netflix were to pick it up along with Tera Nova and continue the series, I would be enticed to switch from Hulu to Netflix.

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  58. Paul says

    Do you know the real reason why they cancelled The River and Missing. It is because they are a bunch of ASSHOLES that don’t know what a real show truly is.

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  59. Shakira says

    i have to totally agree with Joe here. Two great shows, the river and terror nova and many more i can think of actually like “the lost room2, “surface”, “V series” the remake, “stargate universe” , need to be brought back etc; i keep hearing the same thing over and over again, not enough ratings. the funny thing is, these all have very strong plots and finished airing before their full stories could unfold. there of plenty of shows out their that don’t even deserve a season one, let alone a season 2 and they are going on strong. It seems to me that all the good shows get discontinued.

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  60. grega says

    the show was freaking amazing.. i mean it was something new out there, somthing that catched my eye. all those supernatural events that were happening it was so damn awsome, so yea, i vote for the River to come back in season 2. Spectacular show

    greetings from Slovenia

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  61. Car3au says

    Im sad that they are maybe thinking of not making that season2! It was a great show something different! And that last episode keeping us waiting for the other part!! :(

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  62. Nathaniel vaughn says

    Please save the river I was really looking forward to seeing season two. It was my favorite show nd I looked forward to every episode.

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  63. Elite77 says

    The River is truly amazing…its just magic in the amerzone…bring it back be4ore it brings back you…this is the proof that its al about the money…The River is a MASTERPIECE

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  64. michelle s says

    BRING IT BACK!! I loved this show! And have been waiting for something good on the tv! MISS MISS please bring it back!

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  65. NewTrix says

    No need to do a whole series just a 2 hour wrap-up so we get an ending. Could be done with lots of ‘unfinished’ series – Flash-forward comes to mind.

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  66. 1975jokerboy says

    Such a shame tht they end programmes lik this, took patience 2 get in2 but was worth it, some1 shud pick it up n do a 2 hrs finale 2 wrap it up

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  67. says

    i am very sad that there not going too be another season of the river . Me and my daughter loved this show and feel very disapointed that we are not going too find out wat happens next .YOU also done it too a few other series that me and my daughter realy got into .which was the secrete circle ..the ringer and sum others programs i just wish that we cud just watch sumet too the very end plzzzzzz

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  68. Anna Brice says

    Please save the river I was gripped from the start all the way to the end. It was the best thing I’ve seen on tv for such a long time. Please please please make a season 2

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  69. nathan scott says

    please allow a second season of the river as i loved this show every episode was great, kept me on the edge of my seat all season long not knowing what was going to happen next unlike some predictable shows still on tv

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    • andrew says

      At least finish it with a some closure, I hate that when shows are just left unfinished. I Thought the show had lots of potential for more story. Oh and lincoln and lina need to hookup. :)

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  70. big dave says

    The River was my TOP…. favorite show . Anticipating every week ” what will happen next . I’m so pissed off at the people who cancled . What if we cancled there favorite show . How would you like that . Hahahaha BRING BACK THE RIVER ……… SAVE THE RIVER …… SAVE THE RIVER ……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  71. Jennifer Brock says

    Please save the show the first season was brilliant and we were sad to see that it maybe axed???
    Give it a chance!!!

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  72. aaron says


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  73. Bob says


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  74. Sonia says

    I loved this show. I’m Disappointed that there is not going to be another season. Please bring it back!!!!!

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  75. Mari says

    Please do the second season! I love the show!! Many norwegians watched it and so many got disapointed when it ended!! :'(

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  76. Mel says

    We never knew that it was a new season on tv, till I read the plot when the season was for sale… Awesome show was really hoping for a second season. If they let more people know they were put it on, more would have watched it (just like terra nova) and I’m from Canada
    Please bring the river back!!!

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  77. Vilma says

    I LOVED this movie and I kept checking when the next season was out!!! I am very disappointed that it was cancelled!!! Bring it back!!!

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  78. Kati says

    Bring back the river! Show it at a different time! Do you not see how many people love it? Please bring it back. Give it a second chance with a second season and watch the ratings fly through the ceiling ! I know thousands who want to watch it!

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  79. jr says

    i loved the river!
    a lot of ppl i knew loved this show. and i cannot believe it didnt get what they expected.
    this show was awesome and somebody should pick it up and prove to NBC they were wrong for not giving them a 2nd season and dropping them just like that….

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  80. Jose says

    The River, one of the best series I ever watched, I’m in love with this and now it’s cancelled.
    I can’t understand why! In Portugal we all love this show, it’s Amazing bring it back please

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  81. MaySwan says

    I am tired of ABC cancelling the great shows !!!!
    My family and I really love it this show .have been waiting for Season 2 ! Very disappointed! please any other networks bring it back The River seasons and Save The River !
    There Is Really Magic Out There In The River !!

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    • Sandra says

      I feel the same way MaySwan. I really dont like ABC right now. I am afraid to watch any new show on their network because they might cancel it also so i’m avoiding ANY new show from them!

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  82. JD says

    It said it sad a tv show like this go to waste when the American TV are riddled with bullshit ass TV shows like teen mom, Jersey shore, buck wild, and doesn’t allow a nice TV show ideas to survive. we promote shows with teenagers getting pregnant and drinking and make bad choices.

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  83. Nephillium says


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  84. bell says

    i don’t see why the river is getting such bad reviews, i know not everyone likes the certain shows but then i don’t see why they wont bring out season 2 for the river, personally i loved it and thought it was completely different to any other show, well maybe they will so fingers crossed !.

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  85. Wheeler says

    It seems that any series that doesn’t make the biggest viewing in America gets cancelled, even if it is big in a number of other countries. I am from the UK and it was very popular here. Would have loved to have a second seriers of The River, but it only matters what figures they get in America. So many great shows have a first series and then cancelled. This usually happens leaving so many things unanswered. For once will those in charge listen to us and give us what we want, The River Season 2!!!!

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  86. Elizabeth says

    My best friend and I are obsessed with The River we would watch it together every week and that is what we looked forward to. It is such an amazing show that constantly keeps you wondering and needing to know what happens in the next episode. I love that show. It had action, adventure, mystery, romance, and even comedy. It is a combination of everything that one could hope to see in a television show. I miss this show so much, as do many of my friends. We would be the happiest people ever if there were to be a second season.

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  87. The_abbott says

    What there was of it was decent enough. At least the location was different to most other shows!

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  88. miriam says

    eu amo o the river é a melhor serie que houve ate agora. numca perdi nenhum episodio e amei todos os episodios esta serie era do melhor e eu gostava de poder dizer, é do melhor se vcs continuarem com a serie por que aposto que todos ficaram curiosos para saber o que vai acontecer aseguir.!!

    POR FAVOR TRAGAM A SERIE DE VOLTA, A 2 TEMPORADA, com tantas series que nao prestam ja vao na 6 ou 7 temporada, tragam a 2 temporada á melhor serie de sempre!!


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  89. says

    eu amo o the river é a melhor serie que houve ate agora. numca perdi nenhum episodio e amei todos os episodios esta serie era do melhor e eu gostava de poder dizer, é do melhor se vcs continuarem com a serie por que aposto que todos ficaram curiosos para saber o que vai acontecer aseguir.!!

    POR FAVOR TRAGAM A SERIE DE VOLTA, A 2 TEMPORADA, com tantas series que nao prestam ja vao na 6 ou 7 temporada, tragam a 2 temporada á melhor serie de sempre!!

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  90. Jojo says


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  91. Crystal says

    Me and my Family loves The River… it brought us together by watching together… Please please please have a continuation of it in The River Season 2.

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  92. Krista says

    I think they need to re-release it in the next month or two. when they released it the first time there were like 4 different high rating shows out that had just started back up and the river had absolutely no chance. If they did it at a time where there are no shows on t.v to watch more people would tune in and watch it. it was an amazing show. one of my favorite ones. and the least thing they could do is put it on netflix.

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  93. nis says

    From out Holland .. . and I also enjoyed the first season.
    So pleace, come with a new season.

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  94. japanacsrb says

    Bring The River back
    we would be the happiest people ever if there were to be a second season.
    Serbia love this show

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  95. says

    So many other shows so bland and uninteresting given a second and even third chance and still being shown. Here you have a show with a fresh new premise and it doesn’t even get a second chance. C’mon and keep the fans happy.

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  96. Lu says

    Last year is the first time i saw this show’s name. i haven’t had the chance to actually watch it. But when i do, which mean this year, i really like it, and would like to watch another season. but since it’s too late that this show has already been cancelled. left this massage would not change anything, but i still want to say that it’s a great show. there are no shows like this one, so i think if one day this show were able to get another season. it would have a great rating.

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  97. SB1987 says

    Save the River…!!!I’m from the uk, watched the first 2 episodes that came out 18 months later than the US, and loved it..Managed to get the rest of the episodes online and it’s a cracking show with sooo many possibilites.. I know plenty of people who loved it also, bring it back and us Brits will watch it….!!!

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  98. Stacey says

    I loved The River!! Really gutted they aren’t considering a second season. Here in the UK, good TV shows are hard to find, and this one really captured me. PLEASE do another series!!!!

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  99. Larry says

    I really hope they get the rights and bring this show back for at least one more season. There were some flaws but the the story has so much more potential. Bring it back!

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  100. Sandra says

    Save the River… I recorded all the episodes and watched them all in one day… 8hrs of awesome suspense. And how did they leave us???? Come on… Make a season 2 and end it then if that’s what you want but don’t leave people hanging!! Oh and if it was so bad what are they re-running all episodes now on Chiller?? Boy, are people going to be upset when they watch it now and realize there are no more.

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  101. jessie says

    the river is one of the most thrilling paranormal epic series I’ve watched that is really worth of my time. Please do the second season.

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  102. Danielle Tremblay says

    I didn’t know about this series until lately. But when I saw the first episodes, I was hooked. I’m very sorry that there is no season 2. That’s surprising because there is much less interesting series that goes on for years. This one is very good and it stopped! If the producers had advertised it a little more, they would have get a greater audience, I sure of that.
    You can’t watch a series when you don’t even know that exists.

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  103. janderson says

    Eu sou do brasil,amo a natureza,esse seriado foi show,os produtores do brasil é um fracasso,mas toda serie do j.j abrams eas melhores,tem que vim produtores de fora pra fazer filmes nesse lindo brasil,pq os daqui ta mais pra asilo,the river 2 temporada volteeeee….

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  104. Bea says

    For the first time, I judged wrong. Usually after a few minutes of viewing I know whether it is worth watching or not. I’ve missed part one of “The River” and then saw a repeat. The first few minutes bored me and I stopped watching after this short time. WHAT A MISTAKE I MADE!!! Recently, I couldn’t sleep, so started browsing LoveFilm. Found “The River” Series 1 and started watching hoping that it will get me sleepy. After those unfortunate few minutes the action picked up and I got myself sucked into the world of mystery, watching the first 4 episodes in one night and the next four – the following night. NOW I’M GAGGING FOR MORE!!! Although the plot seems to be common, the way the series is done is very innovative. And I have to say – I AM A VERY FUSSY VIEWER!! Please guys, do not judge this series by its first episode. It is really good and original. I am devastated that I am not able to see Series 2, which MUST be there, since Series 1 finished leaving you craving to know what happened next. Poor ratings??? Just because fans expecting creepy zombies were disappointed. This series represents all kinds of paranormal and unexplained phenomena and this eclecticism makes it unique. I hope to see Series 2 very soon.

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  105. shaun says

    Plz bring season 2 of the river out its the best show Ive seen in a long time all the action and paranormal activities in there can really get you hooked brilliant hope to see series 2 soon

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  106. Matt says

    With reality shows pushing everything else away, it is so hard to find a decent tv show with this kind of intensity and originality. To lose it after just one season just adds to so many others that could have been great, but were chucked due to bad advertising and/or placement. People still check back now and again, obviously with the posts here and on multiple other websites, to see if anything has been mentioned about a return. There are fewer and fewer tv shows coming out that I can even keep an interest in. Most of the time I find myself trailing off to do something else while stuff is playing in the background, but The River had my attention the entire time. The only reason the numbers were not up on this is because too many people didn’t know about it. Put the show back up with a better time slot and I bet they would find a lot more people catching an interest.

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  107. tony says

    The River was incredible. I guess most people dont like shows that provoke them to think. They prefer straight forward shows like Supernatural. The networks should really review the basis on which they cancel shows.

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  108. justin says

    The river was amazing bring it back put it on netflix it will be a smash hit , it just needs to be put on a channal it will be seen by a wider veriety of people.

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  109. ivan M.N says

    i loved the river so much, was so disappointed when it got cancelled it was a great serie….. Even now i still have hope that it will flow again. Ivan from uganda

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  110. heather says

    Oh no, just watched season one on netflix and realise there will not be a season two, whyyyyyyy not fair.

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  111. Sebastian says

    I can’t believe that there is not a 2nd season. I’ve watched this movie in a evening and i think that was special and have something new. I am a fun of Lost movie and the river could have the same success if not better.
    Greeting from Italy

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