THE KILLING: Eric Ladin Talks Season 2 Arc & Season 3 Plans


The Killing‘s Eric Ladin teases his character’s Season 2 arc and hints at the serial’s potential Season 3 plans.

On what’s coming up for his character, Jamie Wright, as the second season progresses:

After what happened to Darren (Billy Campbell), in the first two hours, I think Jamie is lost.  Jamie is somebody whose life is his work.  And so, when all of a sudden this happens to Darren and everything has ground to a halt and it’s not really about the election anymore, it’s about so much more, Jamie is forced to look within and decide what there is beyond work and how this friendship is going to dictate how he goes forward.  In a sense, I think that Jamie has a lot of soul searching throughout Season 2, from beginning to end, but primarily in the first five or six episodes.

On whether viewers will learn more about Jamie’s backstory this season:

[There] are things about his backstory that the audience will finally get to learn.  Jamie was one of those characters that everybody said, “Well, we don’t know too much about him, and that’s why we’re thinking he’s weird and creepy.”  But, this season, fans of the show will actually learn quite a bit more about Jamie and, through the process, I learned more about Jamie, which was nice.  It was a good season for Jamie.

Ladin suggests that the second season culminates in a way that opens a window into a potential third season that will explore “other crimes”:

I’m curious about how it would work, but I also have a good idea of how it will or won’t work.  There’s nothing that I could say without giving anything away, but I definitely feel like, at the end of Season 2, the audience will have a clear idea of the plans of Season 3.  Much like the Danish series, they managed to do that with other crimes.

Source: Collider

The Killing airs Sundays, 9/8c on AMC

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    It feels very strange reading Eric Ladin’s comments now in lieu of the finale.

    Roco, that picture does him no justice. He looks like a ferret.

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  2. says

    PLEASE TELL ME THERE WILL BE A SEASON 3!! By far, the best show I’ve seen in years! Extraordinary Acting & Directing. Thoroughly enjoyed it and want more!

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