THE KILLING: Mireille Enos & Joel Kinnaman Tease Endgame, Rough Times For Holder

the killing season 2

Mireille Enos explains why the second season of The Killing delivers more progression towards the ‘endgame’ of the show’s puzzle, while Joel Kinnaman teases the rough times that lie ahead for his character, Detective Stephen Holder.

Outlining the trajectory of Season 2, Enos says the story is now into the “endgame”:

What is true about the second season is that we are beyond the red herrings. Every new piece of information is part of the actual puzzle. It’s the end game, and the stakes just keep getting more and more intense.

While Enos is yet to find out the identity of Rosie’s murderer (which wont be revealed to viewers until the finale), she is comfortable with not knowing:

[Showrunner Veena Sud] is very happy to sit down and tell us our backstory and how these things relate to our psyche. We just don’t know the actual murder plot.

I’m happy to be ignorant. I’ve always said that I think that I will be really sad when I find out because it’s such a horrifying thing to have done that whoever has it on their hands, it’s very hard to imagine redemption for that person. I’m happy to keep it until the last moment.

As for the ongoing Sarah Linden/Stephen Holder dynamic, Kinnaman describes it as “complicated and strained”:

Well, Linden and Holder’s relationship will continue to be complicated and strained. Obviously, it’s getting very complicated. Holder has made some bad choices. How pre-meditated those choices are, we’ll find out. That’s going to have severe consequences on the trust between them. Linden is not the most trusting person, anyway. They’re definitely going to have some difficulty getting back together. Holder is a very fragile character. He’s six months sober and he needs stability in his life, but instead he’s in this very high-profile investigation and he’s making some choices. She became one of the stable points of his life, and now that’s all shattered. He has some rough times, coming up.

Source: Collider

The Killing airs Sundays @9PM on AMC

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