THE KILLING: 3.05 Scared and Running – Questions & Answers

THE KILLING: 3.05 Scared and Running - Questions & Answers

Welcome to The Killing Season 3 Questions and Answers. Each week we observe show’s serialized progression by keeping track of all the answers to key questions and outstanding mysteries. Here’s how the case stands after 3.05 “Scared and Running”.

Note: New questions/answers from this episode are italicized.


1. Why is Holder so invested in Ashley Kwon’s murder? He noticed a connection between her death and that of Trisha Seward, suggesting Ray Seward may not have killed his wife after all, and the killer is still out there. Could there be another reason for his intrigue? (3.01-2 “The Jungle”/”That You Fear The Most”)

2. Who is Ray Seward? As mentioned, he was convicted of killing his wife several years ago; Linden and her former partner James Skinner sent him down. He’s on death row sentenced to die in 30 days. Linden believes he may not have done it. (3.01-2 “The Jungle”/”That You Fear The Most”)

3. What is the significance of Pastor Mike’s Ephesians 1:7 tattoo? It’s a passage from the bible (“In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace”). (3.01-2″The Jungle”/”That You Fear The Most”)

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4. What is the significance of Adrian Seward’s drawing? It led Linden to the grove near the abandoned factory where Ashley’s body was found. There, she discovered 17 decomposed bodies scattered across a pond in bio-hazard bags. (3.01-2 “The Jungle”/”That You Fear The Most”, “Seventeen”)

5. Who is Joe? Joseph Mills is a taxi cab driver who uses the girls for ‘services’. (3.03 “Seventeen”). He’s also Danette’s (Kallie’s mom) boyfriend (3.04 “Head Shots”) and the son of Mama. Danette discovers that he has Kallie’s phone (3.05 “Scared and Running”).

6. Who is the crying woman/girl Goldie has locked away in his room? Bullet tells Holder that it sounded like Kallie. It turns out to be the cries from Bullet’s child porn DVD. Kallie is on one of the DVDs. (3.03 “Seventeen”)

7. Are the decomposed bodies the work of the same person who killed Ashley? It seems that way – several of the decomposed bodies also had broken/missing fingers, sawed off by the killer. (3.03 “Seventeen”)

8. Who is “The Voice” on the DVD? According to information provided by Tiffany, Joe Mills is the man asking the questions. (3.04 “Head Shots”)

9. Why was Kallie afraid when she saw Joe’s cab? At the very least we know that he was the man asking her questions in the porn DVD.  (3.04 “Head Shots”)

10. The badly injured, red-haired girl who was hit by the car – Kallie? Nope, but their similarity might be a factor. The killer severed NotKallie’s finger like the other victims but she managed to escape. (3.05 “Scared and Running”)

11. Why is Alton in jail? He killed his parents. (3.05 “Scared and Running”)


1. Who is the serial killer? As of “Seventeen,” 18 bodies (including Ashley Kwon) believed to be the work of the serial killer have been discovered. The 17 dumped in the pond all bear the same wound patterns and were killed within a 6-month period 3-5 years ago. It’s believed the killer breaks his victim’s fingers and takes “trophies”.

2. Why did the killer seemingly take a 3-5 year break?

ephesians 1:7 the killing mike

3. Is Pastor Mike connected to the killings? Holder eyes his tattoo in a way to suggest it could become a clue in the investigation.

4. Did Ray Seward really kill his wife? He indulges in the idea that he did, but the recent killings and Linden’s line of questioning regarding his wife’s ring suggest all is not what it seems. In “Seventeen” Ray struggles to cut/kill himself with the razor which may or may not further contradict the idea that he killed his wife.

5. If Ray’s innocent why does he want to die?

6. Where’s Kallie? She was last seen getting into a car with an unidentified driver, whom she may have known. She’s then seen on a porn DVD found in Goldie’s apartment. On the DVD, Bullet recognizes that Kallie is wearing the ring that she was holding for Bullet ‘three days ago’, meaning that the DVD was made recently and Kallie may or may not still be alive. Danette finds Kallie’s phone in Joe’s bag the night after Kallie tried to phone her.

7. How did Adrian know about the decomposed bodies?

8. Who put the razor in Ray’s soap?

9. Who was the guy standing in the road when NotKallie fled after being hit by the car? Most likely the person NotKallie was running from – but who, exactly? Joe seems pretty deeply implicated, given that he left Danette’s place in the middle of the night.

10. If the would-be killer pursued NotKallie through the woods on foot, what happened to his car? Did he leave it at the scene (possible) or did he return for it later without the other driver seeing (a stretch)?

the killing not kallie

12. Who dropped NotKallie off at the veterinarian? Seems like a regular arrangement, as the vet said: “I don’t know who brought her, I’m paid not to know.” So, if not the killer, do we have a ‘guardian angel’ looking out for the girls, or someone implicated who feels guilty?

the killing bullet's faith tattoo

13. Did Bullet design pastor Mike’s tattoo? Bullet showed Linden her self-inked wrist tattoo which says “FAITH”. Given the spiritual theme and the pointed display of Mike’s tattoo earlier in the season, is there a connection there?

14. Why is Tess, Adrian’s carer, so desperate for Seward to meet his son? Sure, Adrian has apparently forgiven his dad and wants to meet him before his execution, but she seemed VERY keen on the idea.


15. Why does Joe have Kallie’s phone? Kallie tried to call her mom from the phone the night before, which would suggest that Joe has seen Kallie within the past 24 hours. How will he react to Danette’s discovery?

Episode Rating: 7.9/10 Seriable Stars

We’ll be back next week to add more answers and questions to this case file. In the meantime, if we missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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  1. skylar says

    It’s interesting how these disparate pieces will come together somehow… and whether in the end the pieces will fit snugly or not, but speculation is fun and why I watch.

    Joe Miller and Goldie are/were involved in a prostitution/porn ring. If neither is the killer, is the killer their silent partner? I’m doubting the killer is involved in this porn stuff, and the fact that Kallie was in the porn video and is now missing is conflated by the search for NotKallie. Question for Linden and Holder… Did Joe Miller or Goldie know Trisha Seward?

    What does Adrian Seward want to tell his father? Linden is certain it’s not a coincidence Adrian had added the factory to his drawing. She was also certain that Seward did not murder his wife based on Adrian’s compulsive repetitive drawing of the woods. Three years later, when Linden asks about the latest picture he has drawn, Adrian says that he wants to see his father, and later in her visit to Ray this message is conveyed by Adrian’s foster mom. What does Adrian remember? Who/What brings this memory back?

    Ray Seward’s death wish may originate with the fact that his 6 year old son Adrian was found with the week-old decomposing body of his prostitute mother. Perhaps he finds this unforgivable neglect of his duty as a father? Why’d he slash the ‘A’ from his chest? A symbolic release of his claim to fatherhood? Why does Ray laugh at the foster mother’s comment that Adrian “forgives” him? Previous to the foster mother’s visit, Ray has an entire conversation with his prisoner neighbors about forgiveness. He then says he doesn’t need God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness is obviously a theme.

    I’m still of the mind that newbie prison guard Gabe Henderson is the source of the razor blade… and that he knows Seward from before Seward’s transfer. Henderson’s the one who initially greets Seward at the inner prison gate and opens the gate to escort Seward inside in the premier episode. The camera always finds him. Are Ray and Gabe planning something together?

    While Trisha Seward was a married woman, not homeless, who would be missed, whose body was not found at the body dump in a red body bag, the evidence connecting the Seward case to the serial killings goes beyond the circumstantial link of severed fingers and slashed throats and prostitution when you thrown in Adrian’s picture which led Linden right to the body dump. Ray Seward, or at least his son, knows something. It seems that neither wants to divulge to the police what that might be, and that’s odd if Ray is innocent.

    I think it’s a pretty good mystery so far.

    Like: Thumb up 3

    • says

      @skylar – I agree, it’s an intriguing mystery so far with plenty to chew on.

      Yep, I’m of the mind that Goldie and Joe are connected to the killer, but like you I question whether he’s directly involved in everything they get up to.

      Gabe is quietly growing into an interesting character, he seems very drawn to Ray for some reason and it’s surely more than their shared ‘fatherhood’ status. I agree that he could have a previous connection to Ray and that perhaps they have their own operation in play. And he does seem like the razor supplier, though whether that would pit him more as Ray’s sympathizer than accomplice remains to be seen.

      Speaking of accomplice – could Gabe be implicated in the murders?

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