How Will THE FOLLOWING Finale End? Cult Bomb & Season 2 Set-Up Promised

the following fox

Shawn Ashmore has teased the season finale of The Following which he says will dovetail the all-important blend of emotional closure while also setting things up for the already-locked second season.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, he said:

Honestly it’s a huge episode. You can expect the same pace, tension and thrills and kills that you come to expect on The Following. It’s going to be a satisfying finale. Sometimes finales come and go and there are huge cliffhangers because you want to keep everyone guessing what’s going to happen. There’s certainly that aspect of that in the finale but I also think there is satisfaction in that character arcs are wrapped up emotionally. Some loose ends are tied up. [The] audience [is] getting what they’ve been waiting for, yet it’s still wide open for a second season.

And will the final chapter will see the death a much-loved character?:

There’s always that possibility.

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  1. skylar says

    I’m guessing Emma is the much-loved character (though none of these characters are very developed enough to much “love”).

    Like: Thumb up 4

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