THE FIRM Will Mesh Case-Of-The-Week With Overarching Mythology & More From TCA


Teasers and tidbits from the cast and crew of NBC‘s legal thriller The Firm, including word on the show’s overarching mythology.

Here’s what to expect from The Firm, as per the cast and producer from the TCA floor:

  • The Firm picks up 10 years after the movie and the McDeeres are leaving witness protection.
  • The show will have a case-of-the-week format, but also include an over-arching mythology and conspiracy.
  • EP Lukas Reiter: Our goal is to create a series that those who already loved the story and those who had no familiarity can both enjoy.
  • Reiter: “The audience won’t wait a full season for answers to questions raised in The Firm pilot.”
  • JulietteLewis says that there is a “playful competitiveness” between Tammy and Ray (played by Callum Keith Rennie).
  • Josh Lucas says that “Mitch McDeere is flawed. He’s so driven to do the right thing and fight the system that he often makes mistakes.”
  • Molly Parker believes that Abby is every bit Mitch’s equal. She is a teacher but is very much a part of the cases and the show.
  • Lucas admits that he felt a responsibility to pay homage Tom Cruise’s performance in The Firm film and capture “his little moments of paranoia.”
  • Reiter: “Part of the fun of this series comes from Mitch getting into situations that you want to see him get out of.”
  • Lucas: “As we shoot the series, every week builds toward the fact that life is getting scarier and scarier and more out of control.”

Source: NBC The Firm

The Firm opens with a 2-hour premiere on Jan 8th 9/8c, before sliding into its regular Thursday time-slot from Jan 12 10/9c on NBC

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