THE FIRM: Chapter 8 — Official Story Details


Official details for The Firm Chapter 8 help to uncover the truth.


02/16/2012 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Thursday): UNCOVERING THE TRUTH – After being cleared as a suspect in the death of Martin Moxon, Mitch (Josh Lucas) is released from jail and immediately finds himself thrown into a new case against a large pharmaceutical company.

During a free moment, Mitch visits Sarah Holt (guest star Alex Paxton-Beesley) in jail, but she refuses to answer any of his questions. Elsewhere, Ray (Callum Keith Rennie) uncovers a clue about Mitch’s pursuer on the day of Moxon’s death, while Tammy (Juliette Lewis) and Abby (Molly Parker) investigate a mysterious list Moxon left behind. Natasha Calis also stars. Tricia Helfer and Shaun Majumder guest star.

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