THE EVENT: Wrap-Up Miniseries Still On The Cards?

The Event

NBC‘s canceled sci-fi serial The Event is still trying to find a new home according to series lead Jason Ritter, suggesting that a miniseries is still a possibility.

In an interview with Broadway World, Jason Ritter, who played Sean Walker on the NBC series, claimed that producers Nick Wauters and Steve Stark are still trying to bring the show back on the air, with a miniseries said to be one of the possible options:

They are hoping, though, still – Nick Wauters, who created it, and the first producer who developed it with Nick, Steve Stark – they are still in talks with various other channels to hopefully do at least some kind of wrap-up miniseries, if not the whole thing. So, I would love to do that because I think it is frustrating to leave a story half-told.

The miniseries possibility was originally mooted last summer, so it’s interesting to see that those flames haven’t yet been doused.

As much as The Event failed to deliver on many levels fair play to them for at least wanting to complete the story. We have a sense of where that story was heading in season 2, but as things stand much remains unresolved and unexplored.

We’ll keep you posted on any news surrounding The Event.

Source: Broadway World

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  1. Rick Terry says

    Meh, I’m over it. but if there is a 4 to 6 episode mini series I’ll watch just out of curiosity. But I refuse to get bogged down by another attempt on a different channel. Un-less SyFy picks it up.

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  2. Lawrence Clardy says

    I thought it was a dirty shame they would get you hooked on something and then
    cut it off just like that. Doesn’t make want to remain faithful to your network.
    Not sure if its the same network or not. The same thing was done w/a series some
    years back called “City of Angels” also starring Blair Underwood.

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  3. Joseph D says

    Personally I think its horrible that NBC could not consider the 5+ million views and at least make 2 or 3 more episodes to finish the story. Things like this are proof that these networks don’t really care about their viewers. Can anyone say “BOYCOTT” ???? That is the only way these networks will really start to care more about viewers. With the money these huge networks have, making 3 more episodes or even a 2 hour special would not hurt them one bit but it would certainly go a lone way towards keeping viewers loyal to their network.

    My humble opinion !

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  4. Wayne A. Wassell says

    I just got finished watching all 22 episodes of “The Event” TV series on Netflix. I can’t believe that NBC left us with a big cliffhanger and cancelled the show. I Google the show and read rumors about another network or Netflix picking up the show or the development of a miniseries to close out the show. I really hope that happens.

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  5. Adam says

    Wayne, I’m pretty sure the people at NBC responsible for ending the season on a cliffhanger weren’t the same people who cancelled the show 😉

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