The Event: What and Where Is NCG253?

It happened in the blink of an eye. The answer to one of The Event‘s most pressing mysteries: where are the aliens from?

The answer was not quite human what I was hoping for.

Spoilers from The Event episode’s 1.11 and 1.12 follow the jump.

In a conversation with his half-human, half alien daughter, Leila, Michael Buchanan revealed that the aliens are from NCG253. Our good friend Google says that NCG253 is a galaxy – “the brightest member of the Sculptor group of galaxies,” in fact.

Personally, I find the reveal a bit disappointing. It’s the way it was handled more than anything. Sure, I was hoping for a parallel universe explanation, but all I really wanted was an interesting answer presented in a satisfying way. Instead, it was treated almost as a throw-away. And Leila didn’t exactly help, in her role as ‘the audience’, either.

The Event seems to be unraveling into a rather conventional ‘alien story’, to me. It lacks the imagination that the bombastic promotion promised, and the poise that one would hope for in a serialized tale.

That being said, there are seeds of promise. I’m interested in something the show doesn’t seem to place much weight in – the confirmation of alien life in another galaxy (or the confirmation of alien life, period), and the fact that humans already know about their home, albeit with limited scope. The fact that their DNA is less than 1% different from humans, and the existence of alien/human hybrids is another intriguing element – it’s just a shame those hybrids have to be the lacklustre Leila, and her little sis – who is suddenly not so important.

The oath that the aliens apparently swore, promising to “leave this civilisation intact”, is another illuminating element. The split in leadership also holds potential. And there are still some intriguing questions, like: why did they come to Earth? And why does Thomas want to bring the rest of his people to Earth when they can seemingly go home?

What do you think of the NCG253 reveal. Does it leave you excited, or cold like a Sean Walker?

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  1. wisdom aseka says

    What exo planets are habitable in the galaxy NGC 253? the only habitable exo planet that scientists are speculating over is Gliese 581 g that rotates around the star Gliese? which other planet is in NGC 253 if the theory used by ” the event” will convince some of us?

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  2. Wisdom Aseka says

    Actually the above comment was a mistake. The star Gliese and the planet Gliese 581g was an unconfirmed extra solar planet 20.5 light years away from the earth. Either way, i would still want to know how the event came up with NGC 253. The series itself was amazing.

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  3. Adam says

    This was one of the tidbits on The Event that really disappointed me. NGC 253 is a good 11-12 *million* light years away. This means that it takes light (and any signals, as a result) 11-12 million years to travel between Earth and there. Yet on the show there was some serious narrative importance in the fact that events on their home planet were happening “right now.”

    Even ignoring the fact (which we’ve known for over a century, thanks to Einstein) that there’s no such thing as “right now” millions of light years away, having instantaneous communication with a place it takes millions of years to send signals to is the sort of massive hole in basic science that I found actively distracted from my enjoyment of the show.

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    • Wes Santorini's says

      I agree that there is no “now” here or there. The closest answer to our known science is either the warping of space or a wormhole. We’re just beginning to understand the “fabric” called space. If you stay in the sci-fi moment(and not let current knowledge block your enjoyment) the tech to move and sustain an entire planet, in transit, is a leap all on its own.
      I do hope that a season 2 materializes- it just started to get interesting!

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