THE EVENT: The Secret Of Dempsey’s Scroll Revealed

The Event ended without revealing the secret contents of Dempsey’s scroll, as NBC’s axe fell swiftly to cut off the head. (unless that ‘Netflix deal’ comes through).

However, we’ve managed to obtain the scroll and translate its secret message.

Scroll past the jump to uncover the secrets.

Dempsey’s Scroll Translated:

“Soon Heavenly bodies shall align

And The promised Event shall arrive
And The Righteous Few shall become Many

Death shall be Life
Fathers shall be reborn
And The Pure shall prevail
And the Slaves be vanquished
And we shall all return and inherit the Earth

The Chosen One shall rise among the Slaves
To lead the Guardians of Earth

Protector and Destroyer
Key to their future, Hand of our doom
Only the Chosen One can freely walk the board of fate
And unweave our destinies

And we shall fight to stop the Chosen One
This we know.”

So there you have it. At first glance, the message seems to share a vague connection with what we learned in recent weeks about the ‘Event’ and the EBEs living on Earth first.

What do you make of it?

To go interactive and hunt for the scroll, visit Dempsey’s Office.

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