THE EVENT: Jason Ritter Waiting For Season 2 Call


Have The Event‘s obituaries been written too soon? Could there yet be life in global conspiracy thriller? Leading man Jason Ritter offers a shard of light to the show’s fans.

At a recent entertainment bash, Ritter told TV Line that the show could yet return:

“I’m waiting to get a phone call either way. [Producers] Nick Wauters and Steve Stark are still talking to people and trying to get it done. Every cast member I’ve talked too is interested. And I personally would love to at least finish that story up.”

It’s no secret that the show’s producers tried to get the project on another network, with both Syfy and Netflix mentioned as possible suitors. However, nothing concrete has materialized and it’s been so long without any positive word that it seemed as though no news was bad news. And with good reason, Ritter himself already has a new job and other irons in the fire.

Whether he’d still be available if the season 2 call actually manifests is another matter. Personally, I’d be very surprised if we see the show again on any network. But stranger things have happened, and it’s perhaps some encouragement to the show’s fans who believe it deserves another chance.

Of course, if we hear anything we’ll be sure to let you know.

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  1. Ernest Simmons says

    My hold family have been waiting for the return of The Event now we are being told that there will be no show why the hell did you start if you were not going to continue, I would hope that there will be a change of mind and continue the program and put it on DVD.

    Thank You
    Simmons Family

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    • sophia dean says

      I am so disappointed because everytime i get addicted to a show they cancelled it. The Event is such a great show , it is fill of alot of excitement..what
      would not make them want to continue with a show like that. SMH!!!!

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      • C says

        Sophia You used my words exactly I am tired of people the Powers that Be messing with my TV The Event was the first show I watched on reg TV in 20 plus years it was the best written and most exciting show on TV Bring it back pronto this will make me happy……

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  2. Casey D. says

    What do we have to do to get season 2? You can’t just leave us hanging. Get us hooked and then cut us off? Thats terrible. Please bring it back!

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  3. Snipe B says

    OMG, NBC sucks. They keep cancelling all of the good shows and keep running the same stupid repeats. And it is repeats that are years old. The cant seem to hold onto anything new. Bring the Event back. It might of lost some viewers cause it was during the summer months where people did do alot of traveling. I did, but i also DVR’ed it. Well i will be one less viewer for NBC period.

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  4. Lee McKenna says

    Just watched all 22 episodes on Netflix. It was AWESOME.

    I pay top dollar for netflix, and if they could get Season 2 there (along with 3, 4) as well as other similar STORYLINE like series, I am glad to keep paying $35 a month.

    This would be a big draw for subscribers – perhaps at the $9 or $20 levels, you don’t get “series” streamed to you (requiring you to upgrade)…but if you are paying more you get these kind of shows. this could boost Netflix’s revs/profits so as to get these kinds of shows

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      • ADAM says


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  5. s bryan says

    NBC only has Law and order svu and Grimm worth watching. The Event was perhaps too adult for the childlike brains of the network executives to follow. I liked the show and I hope it gets picked up for at least another season and hopefuly more. TV is being flooded with stupid sitcoms and reality shows that appeal to the braindead. I wish the execs would wake up and give us more shows like the Event.

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  6. Supastarr says

    The Event was awesome! Caught my attention from the beginning. To end it where the did is pure and simple bull ka ka. At a minimum let’s do a short mini series to wrap it up but don’t leave us hanging!!

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  7. Fabiano Ferreira says

    After Lost, the only series I’ve been interested to watch is The Event. Please NBC, reconsider and INVEST on this production. With so many crap on TV actually, is becoming extremely rare find something well written and intelligent. I’m sure you won’t regret.

    Regards from Brazil.

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  8. Dreamer says

    Yeah for christ sakes u have a million sitcoms and reality crap on, then when u actually put something on worth watching u cancel it, wtf? NBC sucks!

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  9. Pipeye says

    Everyone I know watches it. Maybe the polling is messed up. The concept is pretty fresh and the acting is quality. Beats hell out of The River, Terra Nova, Heroes (4 seasons), Sanctuary, Once Upon.., Grimm, Falling Skies. Someone bring it back!

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  10. KC says

    I just had the opportunity to watch series 1 on Netflix and I find it is a nice change from all the other crap on TV that is being offered to the public in the last few years. How many more reality shows and corny sitcoms do we have to suffer through to get a good quality thriller like The Event? The actors are believable and so is the story line. I think a miniseries is a great idea to at least finish the story! Cliffhangers are great, but they need to have an ending!

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  11. Helmut Schillinger says

    Apparently, and again, NBC really does not care about its viewers, only about ratings and the advertisement revenue it brings. This is why more and more people get turned of by commercial stations such as NBC. On Public Television this would never happen, there the viewers are players and not pawns.
    So good bye NBC, I had enough! Is that profanity if I say it out loud? NBC you suck! You give a poop about viewers, you are disorganized, you are a sad station!

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  12. Helmut Schillinger says

    Yes, Netflix should pick THE EVENT UP. The actors were great, even though I think the script could have made “them” outwardly a little different from the Earth humans, after all they were millions of years further evolved. I think all the actors deserve applause for their work on this, well done! And we all want to see the rest! Netflix has recently put out its own series, bought from Norway, Lilyhammer, very funny and a nice insight into Norway culture. It does not always have to be Hollywood. – But this one “The EVENT” would be a great story for Netflix to expand upon, improve the script and bring us the second part, with the same actors please, they are good, and believable.

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  13. Siegfried says

    For at least 20 Minutes i have watched with my wife the Last Episode of this great Series. It was thrilling from the First to the Last Second. Sadly we read that there is not a sequel available. We hope the greedy management will change their mind.

    Best wishes from Germany to all fans!

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  14. Trapas says

    I was shocked to find out that the event had been canceled. Especially after the shock of the sudden end of the another great show, Flashforward.
    Surfing the net trying to find out how this could have happened , i stumbled upon the viewer stats of the show . Even though i read that the show got a huge promo , it seems that right from the first episode , people stopped watching it . They lost interest in it ? … who knows . I just cant explain it . Two great shows , propably the very best sci – fi / adventure of the past 10 years, cancelled after just one season , due to low ratings ? ..Well it seems , and let me apologise to fans of the show from the US , but the majority of Americans , are obviously too stupid to understand it or , cant be bothered to use their brains to piece things together . It would propably explain why shows like the closer – CSI – NCIS – the Mentalist , keep going(i admit i watch them too in order to pass the time , but every episode is identical) . People just like to get everything explained to them like little children at the end of each episode. I mean , for the shows mentioned before , EVERY episode concludes the same way . We get everything explained to us by either the cops or the bad guy. Heaven forbid having an episode that makes the viewer have to think about it and come to his own conclusions . Both Flashforward and The event in Europe rated Extremely high in viewer stats. Does that make Europeans smarter ? NO … After all the Very best in any genre comes from the US and Canadian writers and directors. . So WTF is wrong with the networks and subsiquently the american viewers who unfortunatelly get to decide the fate of any show? The writers and directors would propably be able to sell the show off to an EU network. Personally i think should go for the EU market even if it means cutting back on the buget of the special effects. After all both with Flashforward , and The event . The story is the killer part :)

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  15. iknatz says

    I will never watch a new series at NBC. Nor any other program. That´s what they deserve. NBC really sucks.

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  16. lp says

    This show was great. Really wish we could get this back. I seriously cant stand cable either. Its all the same reality shit on every channel and with the most annoying people to match lol. WAKE up NBC

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  17. HitmanTony says

    The TV shows that I enjoyed, Stargate Universe, V, Caprica, and The Event, got cancelled meanwhile reality brainlessness flourishes on air and cable television. The situation is very frustrating because television broadcasting is becoming obsolete. We want to watch what/when we want with minimal commercials and it needs to be good because our time is valuable. Everyone I know has cancelled cable and switched over to hulu/netflix for just about everything; antennas are used to follow local news and are no longer a viable source of good entertainment. As you may have noticed, everything on TV is moving away from quality and turning into cheap trash. Unfortunately cable TV seems to be developing similar habits; stargate universe was cancelled because they realized that with SGU cancelled, SG viewers will be forced to watch the replacement budget scify TV show which maximizes profits for the network. I think that it all started to snowball downhill with reality TV because real drunken morons are cheaper than real actors but maybe there is no correlation here or there. Currently Netflix has a good opportunity to invest in the continuation of these great TV shows and obtain exclusive rights. Viewers did not enjoy these series on cable/air because they are not willing to rearrange their lives around broadcasting schedules; however, the shows will prove to be far more successful on a platform that allows viewers to watch the series in order anytime. Entertainment pioneers will realize that quality is looking for a new home and producing this quality entertainment will prove to be an advantage in the long run.

    Has anyone noticed the great ratings that reality TV shows get on Netflix? Not me and I hope that nobody else REALLY wants to waste time watching cheap trash.

    Get these shows running again and put them on Netflix because that’s where I watch TV.

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  18. david field says

    Please for the love of god bring this show back. we all need more, its the only good show out there in my eyes. BRING BACK THE EVENT NOW!

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  19. Felice Baker says

    Please NBC pick up THE EVENT its a good show and it would do great on Syfy!!! I just watched the whole season and it was really good!!!

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  20. DEedee says

    It appears the majority rulin I in favor of continuing the Event! I am in aggrenent that NBC should me band and Netflix take the project. I would be willing to pay more for great programs.

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  21. geneftw says

    I don’t watch much TV, but there have been a few shows that I would loyally tune in to every week…And each one got cancelled. (The Event was one of those.) I’ve learned my lesson: I will never again become interested in any TV series. The disappointment of cancellation is not worth it. I’ve got better things to do.

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  22. Martin says

    Apart from pretty much all HBO:s series I only watched Breaking Bad and The Event. I thaught it was good but a bit frustrating when you just have to sit waiting throu the whole series waiting for, for example jarvis getting his coming. I am from Sweden and I’ll guess I’ll upset some american viewers now, but I’m getting tired of that in all series about alien species coming to earth it’s all about USA. The rest of the world doesn’t exist. Off course in the Event there was the french guy and the russian lungsmugglers but off course they had to be evil since they were french and russian. I understand that these series are made and produced in Hollywood but they are also sold to pretty much every country in Europe and some in Asia as well that I know of. Even thou I ejoyed the Event I couldn’t get involved because of the large portion of patriotism even if it raises some questions about the US government and had intense storytelling. One more thing that bothered me was whenever somebody lied in the series they instantly believed the lier. -Oh Sophia said this oh then we gadda do that. Come on….

    And don’t give anything to J J Abrams because he can f*** up any series when he get’s tangled up in his on web of sidestories, historical backgoundstories and so on. Lost season 1 was ok then it ends with they all go to heaven. Bah! Miss an episode of Fringe and you don’t know what the f*** is going on. :)


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  23. Sarah says

    I too am upset that everytime I get into a show it gets cancelled on a cliff hanger. That is beyond frustrating, if your going to have us watch am entire season, getting us involved in a storyline and the lives of these characters, it would be great to at the very least do a mini series to wrap up the loose ends. SG1 did something like this, while the series did provide an ending, several direct to dvd movies were released to tie up the loose ends that still existed from the series 10 or so years in production.

    To those complaining about US programmes taking place I’m the US, seriously? I am I’m the US, I watch BBC programmes all the time, do I complain that they take place in Europe? No! Why? Because that is where they are filmed. In fact when when an American version of some of these shows does get released, I rarely watch it because it often sucks. So if you don’t like watching an American show taking place in an American country, watch a show from your country, I know they make them.

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  24. alien here says

    Best show ever gets cancelled. What is America coming to? All brainless shows left, damn reality crap shows that only puny brains would watch. I’ve seen this show on Netflix as I would never waste my time with regular TV and got hooked. Shame on you NBC. Damn you NBC the devil is in you.

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  25. MR JOE says

    Boycott NBC for canceling THE EVENT!! I don’t care what show, if any, NBC comes out with. I will never start watching a series or any program for that matter as long as it is NBC. They can go bankrupt for all I care and I hope they do. The EVENT had almost 5 million viewers on the last episode…. Having that many viewers and canceling a show without any conclusion; BAD MOVE NBC!!

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  26. Cincyjane says

    I just finished watching all the episodes on Netflix. I missed it when it was originally on NBC. I think they should at the very least make a movie to finish up what they started! This was a very addictive show! I NEED to know what happens!

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  27. cathyyy says

    after almost two years there are people who wants the show back!! think about it!

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  28. Chris says

    I agree, Please bring the Event back. Or if the scripts are written, please release them so we can read what happens.

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  29. Tony says

    Bring it back or just wrap it up in a extended movie episode.

    Or even just an online series exclusive to netflix. Guaranteed an extra million subs right there.

    Quality story,great acting, what more do you need!!!

    Or introduce pending subs for series. (example: People sign up to a sub if a series is brought back. When a certain number is reached the next series is made.) (Make me one of your executives I can make it work. 😉 )

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  30. porcia says

    Omg I just watched on netflix in 2 days the event must I say it aS reaLly good, but I look on the internet and its canceled wtf do u know how it ended and now Im stuck imaging the rest! Gosh pls bring it back I need some entertainment in my life

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  31. Joe G says

    Man, I am still pissed about the show being cancelled. I am sick of getting addicted to a show I’ve never heard of on Netflix and then the story stopping abruptly… Can you say Jericho?

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  32. The Gallaghers says

    We just finished the 1st season tonight. Great show!! There are not many good shows to watch but this series has a great cast and story line. If they don’t make a second season it will be a crying shame !
    The Gallaghers

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  33. Hanks says

    I would pay the entire year to Netflix just to see the season 2 and I’m sure more than 1,000 would do the same

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  34. Lisa says

    “The Event” left off at its most interesting point. What a waste! Someone, somewhere should bring back.

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  35. derron sears says

    We need season 2 of the event this can b as big as scandal just give it a Chace plzzzzzzz we need season 2 don’t do ur fan like this u can email me and I will do what’s needed to get the show bck on

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  36. destiny tran says

    This series is so AWESOME!!! I can’t believe NBC cancelled it! Why can other Network pick it. I saw 1 season in 2 days! I had work the next day, but I still stayed up late all through night and early morning to watch it. This shows is addictive!!!!! so exciting and interesting.
    I have to be honest the first couple episodes was a little bit annoying as it kept going from present then switch to past, then present again. But it’s addictive and so exciting as you keep watching.
    I do not watch shows on NBC, but I will if this show is on.
    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed that this show got cancelled!

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  37. Gaby Benzschawel says

    I understand that the view on NBC weren’t super high. But what TV Networks need to realize is that there are many other ways people were watching the show… so many unaccounted views. Netflix, On Demand, DVR just to name a few. More people were watching the show than you think!

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  38. Jake says

    Bring this show back for season 2!! I need to know what happens it’s so frustrating il pay for it to be made

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  39. A says

    I just finished watching the last episode again, I’m still upset/angry that this great show got cancelled. Shame on you NBC! Some other network should’ve picked this show. Instead of making all these idiotic “reality” shows.

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  40. Tracy says

    I just watched season 1 of “The Event” not knowing that was all there was. I can’t believe it was canceled. Why even put shows on when you can’t finish them. Unbelievable!!!!!!

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  41. valblues says

    What a shame it was canceled. Both my husband and I really liked it and couldn’t believe that was it!! They keep on dumbing-down and reality shows and get rid of shows that keep you on the edge!! No wonder we’re in trouble!

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