The Best & Worst Serialized TV Posters 2011

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We’ve taken a look at our favorite and least favorite serialized TV trailers of 2011, now its time for the promotional posters. Like movie posters, TV one sheets are designed to capture a show’s most enticing/impactful visual message possible within the confines of a single sheet — but which posters rose to the occasion, and which failed to generate the buzz machine?

Worst Serialized TV Posters 2011

5. V — Season 2

The “V” represents the show’s title, but why is it floating and why are the characters casually sitting and standing on it? The disproportionate mother ship doesn’t help matters and there doesn’t appear to be a relevant theme in mind. Not even the presence of Queen Anna makes this blissful.

4. Alphas — Season 1

I understand and appreciate the desire to include the face of each Alpha team member — and that each face, in turn, represents its own separate poster, but there’s just way too much JJ. Abrams lens-flare going on. While this Alphas poster carries a ‘super’ element, it’s not very aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t convey a great deal about the show, beyond the fact that the characters are apparently great at doing the impossible. Can they fix this poster?

3. Once Upon A Time — Season 1

I quite like the idea of character-centric posters, but this Once Upon A Time poster of Prince Charming embellished in random purple isn’t just bland upon a time, it’s bland forever after.

2. Dexter — Season 6

Back in the early seasons, having Dexter about to take a sip of irony from his “have a killer day” mug, with blood splattered over his face and kill bag unzipped, might have landed a bit better, but this is season 6, people! :)

1. The Secret Circle — Season 1

The grungy look of this one sh..eet should have remained a secret. This Secret Circle poster doesn’t make me want to join the circle, but bury it forever.

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  1. Kira says

    Great choices.
    3. Definitely the one from Fringe is goood.
    2. The one from American Horror Story, has a very nice esthetic.
    1. And TWD, the colors and the armony of all elements; one look is not enough.

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  2. Red Balloon says

    I would’ve put Fringe in #3, it’s way better than The Killing and American Horror Story.

    The Walking Dead is great #1, even if I don’t watch the series, it reminds me of Resident Evil 4 movie

    Like: Thumb up 3

  3. says

    Good: Dexter, AHS, The Killing, Falling Skies, TWD.
    Bad: V, Alphas, OUAT, Secret Circle, Fringe.

    This list needs more Lost, they had some good ones as I recall.

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