TERRA NOVA: What Else Is Out In The Badlands?


The Terra Nova finale hardly ended on the cliffhanger that was promised (rule #51, the proof is always in the pudding), but it did leave fans and skeptics alike with something to chew over should FOX pull the trigger on a second season. Specifically, what secrets reside at the Badlands?

The following contains spoilers if you are yet to watch the Terra Nova finale

As we saw in the finale, the Phoenix Group found an 18th century-looking prow of a ship in the an area imaginatively named The Badlands (Heavy Gear reference?)

Two questions emerge:

  • How did a ship from the 18th century end up in the Badlands?
  • How did it end up in the prehistoric past — an alternate one at that?

My initial thought is that there’s another time-fracture at the Badlands. The ship from the 18th century probably arrived through this fracture to end up in the region of mystery.

This possibly hints at a much larger conspiracy connecting the future and the past. Jim Shannon puts it bluntly when he shares his concern about the Phoenix Group heading out to the Badlands the moment they realized they were cut off from 2149. All of which raises further questions:

  • If there is another pandora’s box of a fracture, is it ‘natural’, like the fracture discovered at Hope Plaza is supposed to be, or has it all been engineered by humans?
  • Given that Terra Nova is supposedly in an alternate timeline to 2149, which timeline is the ship from, and does that fracture go both ways?

So, we have an old ship from another time period, but “what else is out in the Badlands waiting for us?” says Taylor, with half a twinkle in his eyes..

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  1. TV GUY says

    ‘It´s the Bermuda triangle..hehe’ – thought so too.

    Really hoping to see a second season, until then looking forward to Falling Skies season 2!

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  2. Peanut says

    Maybe you need to start a “Terra Nova” easter eggs from “Lost.” I thought that the time portal must be between the Badlands & the “Lost” island with the figurehead being from the Black Rock shipwreck. After the explosion, Jim Shannon does the Jack eye thing. And you just know The Others live in the Badlands.

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  3. says

    да новерника это бермутский треуголльнрик как корабыль и поивился в будушем где покрайне мере нет пока океана група феникс отпправилась на поиски с лукасам чтоп открыть портал в разные миста путешествие по многим временам я думаю так и второй сезон будет захватуешим

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    • Jorge says

      Google Translators tells me you said:
      yes it novernika bermutsky treugollnrik as korabyl and nous in future date where the Work at least not until the ocean grupa otppravilas Phoenix in search of Lucas chtop open a portal to different Mista journey many times and I think the second season will zahvatueshim

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  4. C.E.T.H says

    I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!! Loved the first season and pray that they’ll make a number 2. Bermuda triangle was exactly what I suspected! it will be another time fracture…

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  5. Cincylady says

    Well, actually, I had a novel idea instead of the Bermuda Triange … what if instead of being 85 million years in the past, it’s actaully in the FUTURE (timeline unknown, but long enough for the continants to come back together again)? That would give the earth plunty of time to recover from the abuse of mankind, plus it would make sense as well, because then the reason they all fled to the badlands, is because they could bury stuff in the past to transport it into the future.

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    • ThatApericurb says

      Bermuda triangle is also what I though, and your predictions are pretty awesome Cincylady.. Maybe the only problem with them is the fact that the bermuda triangle is supposed to be in the middle of water, right next to florida..

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      • Kristina says

        haha u know dinosaurs existed before the contenets split so when knows where the Bermuda triangle would have been back then. I like the theory that they could be in the future instead of the past as well. I’m so sad there isn’t going to be a second season. I really want to know the answer.

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    • Thranemeister says

      @Cincalady, I agree on your future-theory. It would also explain why the probe, sent through the portal, was never obtained in the “future” (which ultimately in this theory is the past). The Badlands could very well be the where an ocean was, this explaines the bow (ship fractment statue something). And another thing bothering me; i thought the moon would get closer to the Earth as time passed, due to the rotation around the earth slowing down. And the bugs weren’t that big in the past.. Were they? But in the future they might.. xD

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        • Jorge says

          Also, that dinosaurs and prehistoric plants reappeared exactly the same so they could be recognized by paleotologists it’s impossible.

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  6. matt says

    i’ll bet the bad lands are someevil magical verison of where everythng comes through in land of the lost (another fracture\\)

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  7. Noppie says

    I wanted to leave a comment and your links suggest and ending request a 16 code I do not have.

    I liked the show after watching it. I felt some of the “ancient alien” theory could have been used in the story. But in reading about the show I believe the writers just put ship brow as a gimmick. With that said and if you follow the ancient alien theory the Bermuda triangle or other like places could be reason behind ship brow. Conspiracies theories like the knight templars traveling to America. But I prefer the ancient alien theory that planet earth produces certain effects or select points on the planet.
    The super small dinosaur has been mention as a possible according to ancient aliens theorists as well as others.
    According to ancient aliens theorists that there were pockets of different type of humans who they claimed “just appeared” in the historical record. I could theorize that maybe some type special event like a for this show a “time fracture” took place and transported x number of humans to the past. If done at random these humans would be stressed out and more then likely would had to survived in a manner similar a caveman.
    However introducing a select few humans from another time period could be interesting to the show.

    Just my thoughts

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  8. David_Darko says

    Here is what i think… If you care to take a look :)

    So they “discover” this time fracture that leads to what appears to be prehistoric earth and after sending a probe and never locating it in modern time come to to the conclusion that it is prehistoric earth but in a different timeline. This raises the question as to how they even know its an alternate timeline and not another universe. The show was visually great and the plot wasn’t half bad either. My only issue was the bow of the ship discovered in the badlands. its reportedly a bow of a ship from the 18th century. speculation suggests that the ship “part or whole” may have come through the bermuda triangle which has claimed numerous ships and aircraft over the past centurys. now Is it the bermuda triangle from our own past or another timelines past? these are all questions i hope we get one day if they ever decide to get another network to take on the second season.

    there it is folks!

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