TERRA NOVA Stumbles In NETFLIX Talks; Return Hopes Fade


Bad news for Terra Nova fans. The prehistoric drama’s hopes of a second chance have faded.

After two weeks of negotiations, talks between Netflix and 20th Century have broken down on a deal to continue the series on the video streaming service following FOX’s decision to cancel the series.

According to Deadline, 20th are not throwing in the towel just yet, as it is not releasing the actors, but there doesn’t appear to be a long line of suitors lining up.

While the streaming giant’s initial interest in Terra Nova was intriguing for many reasons (both for the show and the wider serialized drama implications), it was always going to be a tricky one, particularly given the huge cost of producing the show (each episode cost somewhere in the region of $4 million), the lengthy production time required, and the creative problems that plagued the first run.

There’s no doubt Netflix are looking to make more than just a dent in the serialized landscape, with their own 2-season-up-front House Of Cards drama currently in the works and cancelled FOX serial-drama Arrested Development returning in 2013. While they continue to eye ABC’s The River, should the alphabet cancel.

But like I speculated last week, I do wonder whether they’ll show even greater interest in Fringe, should FOX cancel: a serialized vehicle even more aligned to their streaming model; given that it ticks many boxes, including being one of the most time-shifted serials currently on the air.

That’s all speculation, of course, but while it wont help Terra Nova fans, serial fans in general will want to keep an eye on Netflix. With the right moves and solid intent, they could very well be a game changer in an era where serial fans, loyal as they are, know when and where to watch their favorite shows. The proof will always be in the pudding, so we’ll watch this space.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep you up updated on the future of Terra Nova — though it’s hard to see it ending up on another broadcaster or cable service.

Source: Deadline

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  1. matt says

    THAT SUCKS! considering the crap out there, it would be an actual crime for FRINGE, Alcatraz, or Terra Nova to go away.

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  2. says

    Roco, you and I have long been in agreement over serialized programming on Netflix. Especially as it pertains to FRINGE. I’m not advocating for FRINGE to be “canceled” per se… As much as I’d like it to be “transferred” to Netflix. It is time for it to be allowed to transcend and breathe (no more lowatuses/lowati?, more myth with my serial please). IF something like that were to occur, it should be a collective statement by all parties involved. This way it will dispell any “crouching stigmas” associated with cancellation. (this is all conjecture)

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    • says

      Good points, RoSull. While nothing is guaranteed, should should FOX cancel, a Fringe/Netflix partnership would be very intriguing.

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  3. jak says

    so typical canceling awesome shows like this and renewing boring shows like fringe, fringe already had 4 seasons give terra nova at least 1 final season!!!

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