TERRA NOVA: Season 2 Decision Breakdown


We have an update on FOX‘s difficult decision over the future of Terra Nova.

While it still looks likely that FOX will opt to renew Terra Nova for a second season, Deadline Hollywood has further outlined some of the factors involved in the network’s imminent decision, with the Winter Television Critics Association taking place this Sunday. Here’s a bulleted breakdown:

  • ┬áThe future of TN is sure to be a hot topic at Sunday’s TCA (as is the future of House and Fringe).
  • As we previously mentioned, the TN producers were hoping to find out the fate of the show before the end December. That decision was pushed back to 2012, suggesting it’s a really close run thing between the show getting the axe or coming back.
  • FOX has to make a decision soon as a second season has to go in production by April to be ready for Fall.
  • Three of FOX’s four new dramas this season are yet to premiere (Alcatraz, Touch, The Finder) and their drama pilot scripts are only just starting to come in, so they may have to make a decision somewhat blind.
  • Things may become clearer in the next few weeks when Alcatraz and The Finder premiere, with Touch previewing before its official March launch. Not to mention Fringe will have a run of returning episodes. All of which should help the network to gauge the situation, if they haven’t pulled the trigger by that time.

Deadline conclude that FOX will try to hold off til’ the last moment before announcing their decision, but say a TN pickup is still more likely than House. Seriable also expect FOX to hold out for as long as they can, but wouldn’t be surprised if they pull the trigger very soon. It should be an interesting few weeks, both on and off the seriable screen.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Richard Balentine says

    why is every time a new show that is really good, only last one season, so yes my
    family loves this show, so yes yes yes leave it be, and lets get on with the show.
    the new season can’t get here fast enough, sorry hurry up and make some more
    shows please. THANKS.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  2. Angela says

    Just cancel some other show but not Terra Nova… fans love this show because it’s original… we don’t want to watch shows about teens and their messed up lives… terra nova has drama, si-fi, adventure, family and cute guys plz plz plz reconsider :)

    Like: Thumb up 1

  3. says

    there is no reasons for helping it please continue the season 2 please we are watching …. buddy don’t just do it terra nova was a diffrent thing in my life

    Like: Thumb up 0

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