TERRA NOVA Season 2 — 13 Or 22-Episodes?


Terra Nova fans. The future of your show is still up the air (at least publicly) — but should FOX decide to pull the trigger on a second season, would the show be better served with another round of 13 episodes, or a full 22-episode season?

For me this is an interesting question — after question of whether the show deserves another season, which, for the network, will boil down to the their calculation/perception of the show’s potential viability and growth potential. (there will be other factors, of course, but money talks and I think it’s fair to say they had higher expectations for last season.

IF there’s a second season – 13 or 22-Episodes?

A second season will continue to amortize those expensive sets, and production/SFX should be better equipped following their first season experience, so doing 22 episodes might be possible in that regard, but to what extent would it be successful? Then there’s the storytelling — could the show reach/maintain a certain level of quality over an entire 22-episode season? One might question whether they managed to do it over 13-episodes this past season, but these are just a few of the many considerations that are presumably on the network’s “RENEW FOR 13 | RENEW FOR 22” checklist.

But what do you think — should the show get another season, do you think it should be for 13 or 22 episodes. Feel free to vote and/or share your views below:

Terra Nova Season 2 - 13 or 22 Episodes?

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  1. Pwnsauce says

    Maybe a 6 episode season would work better, a la the Walking Dead’s first season. This is more wishful thinking, I doubt a show that got renewed would be shortened. They did manage to stick in a good number of useless episodes into a 13 episode season, so like you Roco, I heavily question whether they would be able to eliminate that in an even longer season.

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  2. Pat says

    I like what cable/subscription channels are doing with the 13 episode seasons. i think it would be wise for Broadcast networks to follow suit. 22 episode seasons can drag. For example- i love FRINGE to death, it’s my favorite show, but there are a lot of useless, filler episodes in there(Season 3 of LOST anyone?). 22 episode seasons work well for procedural shows, but serialized shows should stick to a 13 episode season. keep the pace fast, and the audience’s interest high. plus, it can be marketed as more of an event(not that god-awful show)-type-thing(e.g. The Walking Dead). and they dont run the risk of bleeding viewers over a 2-month hiatus for winter.

    which brings me to my next point…

    13 episodes arent that many. if a show is 3 seasons in, and a friend recommends it to me, i only have to watch 39 episodes to get caught up, instead of 66. you can get through a season of Dexter or Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones in a long weekend, but a season of Fringe or 24 or Alias takes much longer.

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  3. WaySeeker says

    Well, to be fair, lots of shows take time to find themselves … it is just frustrating when a show like this with so much HYPE didn’t shine so much in the writing of it. The X-Files was not very seriable in the 1st season, or the next one, but it started really in the 3rd/4th season (I forget). The difference is TXF started out engaging!

    I’m just not sure what they could do with a full order. Now, if it turns out Roco is right and they make the Shannons ROBOTS, then I could see a full 22! As they keep being their sneaky roboty selves. Like conflict between programmed spies from the Phoenix Group from the Future, and changing their minds to actual help Tailor in the past! Now you’re talking a seriable show! You could have a robot TEAM wiht different specs/jobs! It would explain exposition Maddy and why she is 16 but allowed to seduce the soldier and how she can know so much. Zoe can be afraid of spiders but it’s a ploy because she is actually a deadly bot that can change into a spidery form! Shannon Mom is the Medic, Shannon Dad is the military ops, and the son is the “rebel” so as to spy better 😀
    yup, I am a follower of ROCO’s robot-Shannon group!

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  4. caroline nelson says

    I waited with much anticipation for the first season of Terranova. I watched it faithfully every Monday. I thought the new season was going to start today, but noticed that it is not scheduled. Alcatraz is in it’s place.
    Please do a Season 2 of Terranova. Please, please, please.

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  5. Chelsie says

    My husband and I both love Terra Nova, as well as my parents and several friends. I’m really hoping the renew, and for the full 22 episodes would be awesome. :)

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  6. John says

    Awhile back Fox 44 had a show called “24” which ran for quite awhile, was very interesting and we looked forward to the next show, then the repeats came and the show was gone. Also it was the time when digital was coming out and I didn’t have the new channel. We were disappointed in loosing the show. Then along comes a new show “Terra Nova” to compare the two is a little hard there both great shows. For awhile it was nice it was on one or two nights a week, then fox started to move it around, then we started getting repeats, now where is it?? GONE???? WTF is going on, its a great show and we sure would like to know when we will be able to view it again. the full 22 episodes wud be great…

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  7. Randy says

    Terra Nova season 1 ended far too soon. There have been so many TV series to start and just get killed off before they even seem to begin. The only thing that I dislike is the mothers accent is a total distraction.

    Alcatraz is an ok, show but not nearly as entertaining as Terra Nova. Put an end to FRINGE and House and bring Terra Nova back.

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  8. uzu says

    I’m all about more Terra Nova to be honest, even in this less shiny, shocking format. It was called by some stupid to have episodes acting like CSI:Jurassic but to me it is of paramount importance to show such episodes, made out of every day life issues the colonists had to overcome in such a primordial world! For me personally it was a good approach since every single series today has to bang and explode and shock in every damn episode! It has become boring and the same approach everywhere. At the same time, if wanted to see gore and drama I could have just picked another series! I think it is really about what people expect from such a story and your personal expectations and ideas. Your perception of mankind and life. Still, it is a fantasy adventure, thus fantasy stays in opposition to “reality”. And if there is anything to learn and what I personally would like to see less off it’s exactly what I see the majority of man to be. Instinct driven, a bit more complex animals, but nevertheless animals, thus for me PERSONALLY, less rape, less murder, less gore, less scam and selfishness is what I would like to see and think would be essential in the make believe world of Terra Nova. Even more so if belonging to a dead future brought on by your own specie’s actions.

    As for season 2, I really hope at some point they pick it back up, even with it’s current cliches like for example researchers having British accents, so did doctors, but the “sheriff”, soldiers and other random actors didn’t and many more like that. It’s all in the details and writing really. Beats me where the damn budget got so fat tbh, but story-wise and feeling wise, it was a good experience for me that I’d enjoy to continue.

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  9. COTTON says

    WHY???WHY???WHY??? You know 7.2 Millon people liking a show says something so what are we not important!!!!!!

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  10. DerekP says

    Terra Nova Season 2 must air!!!
    I cant see how the special effects would be more expensive than episodes of “Star Trek DS9” Lessons need to be remembered about how to get special effects without such high costs. Please FOX dont be like HBO and scrap all your best material before telling the whole story…..

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  11. bane says

    i want to watch second season the tv show terra nova is the best tv show in the world, please realese the second season…:DDD TERRA NOVA

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  12. Kurarisa says

    PLEASE. When is season two of terra nova coming out? It’s great, so why won’t you show it? PLEASE.

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