TERRA NOVA Renewal ‘Likely’; Stephen Lang, Jason O’Mara & New Writers For Season 2


As we know, FOX are holding off announcing the future of Terra Nova until 2012, but word is that renewal is ‘likely’, with the network moving to secure the services of key actors and ramp up the writing staff in preparation for production on Season 2.

With the options on the cast up on December 31, the network is set to pickup Stephen Lang and Jason O’Mara for Season 2. Deadline report that a top-level meeting between the heads of 20th Century Fox, which produces Terra Nova, and FOX didn’t happen as scheduled earlier this month, but the pickup of Lang and O’Mara gives FOX some re-breathing space. All of which would make for a very tight production schedule, with filming having to start in April to make the fall season premiere, what with the show requiring extensive digital effects.

Those disappointed by the first season may be boosted by the news that the search is underway for “high-level” writers to help executive producers Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria in the Season 2 kitchen, with the network and studio looking to “elevate” the writing going forward. Personally, I think they need to gut the beast and seriously consider the many, many ways in which the first season failed. All well and good getting new writers, but the show’s vision was also flawed — I digress.

According to Deadline, “Terra Nova at this point appears likely to be renewed.” We’ll keep you updated on the future of Terra Nova.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Teresa says

    I wasn’t disappointed at all with season 1. It was something the ENTIRE family could sit and watch. If they do renew, and I hope they do, I hope they will keep it clean (no extremely bad language or sex scenes) as it is so the ENTIRE family can keep watching.

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  2. Cross says

    I really hope that the “ABC” practice of cancelling shows comes to an end real quick. This is one of the best series I have seen in quite a while. It would be quite sad if it gets cancelled primarily because executives choose to base a show’s popularity solely on television ratings.

    The main demographic that most networks fend to focus on is the 18-35 group. With that said, I wonder if networks take into account that that age group tends to have more access to and use the internet more regularly than the previous generation of people that were once in that demographic 20 years ago, when relying solely on television ratings might make sense. In other words, people in the present 18-35 demographic tend to watch more shows online.

    Beyond that, most people have to do this novel thing, called work, that often times does not allow them to view a show at the time that has been chosen by people thinking that everybody else has their work schedule. When the working individuals’ schedule conflicts with a show’s viewing time they often choose to view a show online.

    I know that new technology can be scary, especially for those that are afraid of or refuse to change. Believe it or not, internet traffic can be recorded and analyzed through wed analytics. Networks should include web viewing in their ratings. Beyond just ratings, the fact that through polling, as seen on Hulu and the like, the ads shown with the shows can be tailored and chosen to appeal to each individual viewer. This means that advertisers are actually reaching their target markets.

    If networks would include web viewing in their decisions about the popularity of shows I am certain that many less shows would be cancelled.

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  3. Dee says

    Terra Nova is a wonderful, fun ride, and deserves another season. I agree with the above poster, that not everyone can watch when it first airs on Monday nights. I have often found myself having to work on Mondays, but watch the episodes the next evening on On Demand. Hopefully all those numbers are taken into account as well. I will be heartbroken if this show is cancelled. It’s the first program I’ve looked forward to watching each week, in a long, long time.

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  4. Maximum says

    I love Terra Nova aswell, i agree with the above. I work nights every day of the week, which is a nightmare for my programs. Fortunately i have sky anytime, my dad and i use the net the watch programs all the time. Terra Nova is a program i would not like to have cut, as we dont all get the chance to watch them. I am really looking forward to Terra Nova and would like to see more episodes.

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  5. Eddie says

    I think Terra Nova is excellent programme keeps you thinking, who’s the spy? who is telling the truth out of Taylor and the 6ers? hope they dont cancel it. I have had a spell of any programme we watch and really get into i.e. Journey Man, Flash Forward, No Ordinary Family has been cancelled so just waiting to hear about season 2 of Terra Nova and Falling Skies PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THEM.

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  6. Ching says

    Are they kidding? Disappointed? my week isn’t complete without Terra Nova. I could watch each episodes again and again. Please don’t cancel them! I’ll wait for season 2 no matter how long it will take!

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  7. Douglas says

    Terra Nova was by far the best show of the season. It has something for everyone! It is like Lost but for the family, and they needn’t change a thing. GOOD LUCK TERRA NOVA! MY FRIENDS AND I ARE HOPEFUL YOU’LL COME BACK! <3

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  8. David says

    Im sorry but HOW did the show FAIL??
    it is a good show i have liked it from the start and i cant see how it failed. like every other new show it did the character building then in to a plot. to be honest it moved quite quickly threw the character building, not like other shows.
    But still a good Show.

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  9. Shadah says

    I along with many other teenagers love terra nova, it’s one of the few shows I can watch with my younger siblings without having to cover their eyes or ears.
    My family and I would be incredibly dissapointed if it was to be axed as it’s one of the few family orientated t.v shows around and well… It’s pretty awesome: the dinosaurs, all of the advanced technology, the alternate time lines and of course the mysteries.

    The show was not a failure but I agree that the writing could have been better in a couple of scenes/episodes and I’m looking forwards to season two!

    So please Fox, don’t axe the show! Give it another season and another chance.

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  10. Rachel says

    I absolutely love Terra Nova, and thank god for Sky on XBOX live! Me and my mates make arrangements every week to catch the episodes our work times stop us from watching. Though, yes, the storyline was slightly predictable.. at no point was I disappointed. Wait, a show that doesn’t need to use sex, drugs or freaking zombies to keep young people watching! 10/10 for the idea, pity there’s not enough directors out there making shows like this. A little more help with storylines and they’ll be on a massive winner. Me and a large number of mates in the UK are praying for more!!

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  11. YSC says

    I’ve been saying all season long that the show failed miserably to deliver on the potentially great premise. I had joked with my coworkers that I thought the writing was horrendous, probably written by former Star Trek writers rehashing reject scripts. Boy, was I surprised to find out I was right! At least, about the writer(s). It has all the elements of bad writing that killed the Star Trek franchises. I must have not have been the only one who thought this if the Execs are looking for better writers. But even Braga is a former ST writer/producer, so perhaps the purging needs to start there. The show tries to be something for everybody, and in the end, the bland stories lacked any form of originality and grit that was found in shows like Firefly, Stargate Universe, Farscape, etc., blowing away a great opportunity. O’Mara and Lang are the only bright spots for this show. The rest of the cast should be blown away as a part of the story arc and start over.

    Stories are too neatly resolved in one episode, a la Star Trek formula, with the usual “Deus ex machina” ending. I mean, come on… even the grand “invasion” and “resistance” lasted just one episode. That’s not resistance.

    Look for a blonde female to join the cast to replace Wash’s character spot. That’s usually how Hollywood tries to bolster weak shows… toss the eye candy in! Yes, it’s insulting… to everyone’s intelligence.

    Let’s hope for a more unpredictable endings, with characters having to make impossible choices that’s gripping and heart-wrenching. We don’t need the human-equivalent of Ewoks on Terra Nova!

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  12. John says

    I look back and see a continual loss of good shows. I loved Stargate SG – gone. Stargate Atlantis – Gone. Stargate universe- gone. Outlanders – gone defying gravity – gone and it appears every sci-fi program – gone.

    If the studios do not have the dedication to continue with good shows why even bother starting. All that is happening is that the consumer is getting sick and tired of their attitude. I realise that the dollar rules the way but in most cases in Australia the shows have been cancelled even before aired here. How do they then get watching figures.

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  13. Chris says

    This show is not like any of the others. Comon its something completely different than every other murder crime show which in my opinion are getting repetitive and predictable. Terra Nova is actually an interesting storyline with a sweet idea. Please keep this show going. A lot of people love it and i think it will get bigger.

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  14. SAM SLUNK says

    PLEASE bring back T-N for Season 2, FOX has an excellent sports schedule plus bones, house and more that are great. TERRA NOVA is even better!!! It is a bit like “LOST” but shows how we ae destroying our planet. Wher it shows that one world was eco-ruined and they have a very good chance on starting a new eco-friendly world, they are not far off base of what we are doing to our world at this moment. Please, Please Please……… Thanks

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  15. Tallulah says

    Interesting what you’re all saying.

    It is a pretty shit show. From a quality standpoint in every respect, it’s shoddy.

    But that’s from people who were interested in a scifi-ish, twisty turny drama thing.

    If you’re a young family wanting to watch TV, you don’t require that stuff and it’d actually be great.

    Anyway. An observation 😀

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  16. Harry says

    I found the season very entertaining. I don’t think the show failed at all. If I could rewatch the entire season again, I would! I really hope Terra Nova is given the thumbs up for season 2.

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  17. William says

    I agree that Terra Nova did fail at times when it came to the writing. Mostly it was just very cheesy occasionally and they really over-emphasized the “new start” thing. But, the show is family friendly for the most part, and I love that. I appreciate a show that has family values, which are few and far between in today’s media. The season finale was in my opinion a good example of what the show should be like. Well written, well acted, and with an interested plot that really gets you emotionally involved. If they can write more episodes like those in season 2 and still leave out the sex and language, I’ll be very happy.

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  18. Crystal says

    I really hope that Fox brings back Terra Nova next season. I love this show and especially love the character Lucas Taylor. So bring him back please!

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    • Mellissa Brazil says

      OMG, I love him toooo ;D!!!!! And I miss him on Mondays ;(!!! BRING BACK SEASON2!!!!! TERRA NOVA CAN’T DIE!!!!! PLEASE DON’T LET IT DIE!!!!!

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  19. kyle says

    Terra nova was.awesome for a first season. They could use a little more detail in dinosairs but by far loved watching it. Reminded me of jurrasic park they need put the same special affects interranova. It was great show

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  20. Mellissa Brazil says


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  21. cookie hunter says

    I want it back. It was just getting good then you took it off. So please bring it back

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  22. Flow94 says

    This show is amazing… really enjoyed watching and as @kyle sad they could put a bit more detail in dinosaur models… or just remove specular maps of the models…

    Trust me… Im game designer ;D [I always wanted to say that] 😀

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  23. says

    Terror Nova first season was awesome. My whole family sat down to watch the show. I got everyone that I know to check it out. I love terror nova. I hope they get renewed. I am very disappointed that they would even consider trying to cancel Terror Nova for the second season. I have been waiting to see when it will come out again. I can not wait to find out.

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  24. says

    We have no complaints about the show accept still waiting for another season. Just as I have read others put about the family sitting down to watch the show, we all did also. My children loved seeing it, & asking about the dinosaurs. Both kids love the Jurassic Park Collection, & I enjoyed explainning the story, ideas, & plots to how money,power & greed all play in to the film. I juat hope they decide to push forward with more episodes.

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  25. Jaws says

    Love this show. Tired of all the stupid reality shows the networks are slamming down my throat. Please continue this program as I believe it will go a long way.

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