TERRA NOVA Screens Very Privately

Quick Hit: On Wednesday and Thursday FOX held private pilot screenings of their budget-busting family adventure, Terra Nova.

But don’t expect any feedback on the pilot’s quality just yet as those lucky enough to attend have been sworn to secrecy, or else they be eaten by a great big steaming dinosaur.

via Arts Beat:

Fox held small press screenings of the series’ first hour at the NewsCorp headquarters in Manhattan on Wednesday and Thursday.

We’re sworn to secrecy and neutrality regarding the contents and quality of the pilot. But it seems safe to report that viewers will be reminded of some past Spielberg projects — a dollop of “A.I. Artificial Intelligence,” a big serving of “Jurassic Park” — as well as “Lost,” whose pilot is the standard by which “Terra Nova” will be judged, and “Avatar,” if only for the presence of Stephen Lang as the crusty, T-shirt-wearing guy in charge.

I don’t think there’s much to be read into that, except to say that Terra Nova has echoes of projects we already suspected it would. With work still to be done on the special effects, it makes sense for them to be cagey.

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