TERRA NOVA Dinosaur Reference Guide

Welcome to our Terra Nova dinosaur reference guide. We’ll update this page with new dinosaurs and their details as the series develops.


1.05 — “The Runaway”: A Nicoraptor stumbles upon Jim who is hanging upside down in the jungle after being caught in one of the Sixers’ traps. The Nicoraptor almost bites his head off before the Sixers intervene.

First Introduced: 1.05 “The Runaway”
Human Kills: 0


1.04 — “What Remains”: We’re introduced to Ovosaurs in the fourth episode of Terra Nova. These critters enjoy nickel.

First Introduced: 1.04 “What Remains”
Human Kills: 0


1.03 — “Instinct”: We get an eyeful of a jarred baby Protoceratops — the only actual dinosaur featured in Episode 3.

First introduced: 1.03 “Instinct”
Human Kills: 0


1.03 — “Instinct”: The colony is ‘invaded’ by a new breed of Pterosaur with long-tails. The flying lizards have returned to their breeding ground, on which Terra Nova is built. The crafty colonists divert them to a new ground using pheromones.

First introduced: 1.03 “Instinct”
Human Kills: 3


1.01-1.02 — Pilot: The Brachiosaurus, a sauropod, is the first major Terra Nova dinosaur sighting. These friendly plant-eating dinosaurs aren’t true herbivores, according to Maddy. “They also supplement their diets with small reptiles, which is why they have proto-lateral incisors — two sets, upper, lower.”

1.04 — “What Remains”: Cmdr. Taylor encounters a Brachiosaur on his way back to Terra Nova.

First introduced: 1.01.-1.02 — “Genesis”
Human Kills: 0


These flying reptiles decorate the Terra Nova skyline.

First introduced: 1.01.-1.02 — “Genesis”
Human Kills: 0


A group of “Carnos” chase the Sixers’ armored vehicles before being repelled by sonic blasts from the Terra Nova colony.

A Terra Nova scientist stationed at Outpost 3 becomes infected by a memory-erasing virus and stumbles upon a Carnosaur who gobbles him up.

First introduced: 1.01.-1.02 — “Genesis”
Creature Type: Theropod
Human Kills: 2


An off-screen Slasher kills a Sixer member and wounds another (Drake), before a group of them attack the OTGers. Male slashers have knife-like barbed tails that they whip back and forth.

First introduced: 1.01.-1.02 — “Genesis”
Human Kills: 1


Here’s a list of dinosaurs that have been heard/referenced but yet to be seen on-screen:

  • Allosaurs — heard by the 10th pilgrimage on their way to the Terra Nova colony (pilot).
  • Howlers – heard by Josh and Skye while outside the gate. Skye says they’re not as bad as they sound (pilot).

To be continued..