TERRA NOVA Cancelled, Shopped To Other Networks


The Badlands may forever remain a mystery following the news that FOX‘s has cancelled Terra Nova.

After months of weighing up a second season of prehistoric (non)adventure, the network has decided to pull the plug on the modestly-rated Terra Nova — news that will no doubt come as a huge disappointment the show’s rallying fans.

However, despite optimism that the network would bring the show back for a ‘second chance,’ FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly made sure he was non-committal over the future of Terra Nova in January:

“It was an exciting bet to take. And it’s proven it was worthwhile. It’s the second highest rated [freshman] drama. We made money on it. The audience enjoyed it, they had amble opportunity to reject it and they didn’t. There’s a show there to bring back, there’s an audience to access. There were a lot of chefs in the kitchen. The show was hunting for itself creatively through the season. Creatively it was hunting. I loved some of the episodes.”

It looks like those holes will be filled elsewhere. Intriguingly, it was Reilly who made the call to cancel Terra Nova, while it was his boss, Peter Rice, who championed and bought the project exactly 2 years ago. It seems Reilly was not a fan of the show that favored spider songs over sci-fi.

The network pitched several new executive producers and story ideas for season 2, but none of them sparked enough interest, while the expense of the show didn’t carry in its favor. According to Deadline, a last minute effort was made by the studio to salvage a second season when a prospective showrunner was taken to the network to meet with Reilly. Despite the meeting reportedly going well, Reilly decided to collapse the time-portal.

As it stands, Terra Nova is extinct — however, the studio Twentieth Century Fox is currently looking for a new home on another network, with show lead Jason O’Mara tweeting:

“Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox. We’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by.”

While it’s no shame to go big and miss, Terra Nova ultimately failed to deliver on its promise. Many viewers will point to the show’s seeming disregard for serialization and reluctance to utilise its intriguing premise and sci-fi ‘hook,’ as factors in its lack of creative success and viewer retention. While contrived storylines (mind-wipe, CSI Shannon, etc), and glaring lack of character development will also be put forward as reasons why it failed to resonate with many viewers. That said, the show did have a passionate group of fans who appreciated its ‘family-friendly’ approach or simply liked it for what it was and saw potential in a second season.

Can the show find life elsewhere? It’s a tall order, given its enormous expense (the 2-hour pilot cost $14 million and about $4 million for the subsequent episodes). You’d have to wonder which cable or broadcast network would take it on, all things considered?

With House closing its doors and Terra Nova cancelled, that leaves FOX with three more dramas on the Ratings Dragon Bubble – The Finder, Alcatraz and Fringe — the latter of which has been in negotiations over a shortened fifth season pick-up.

Terra Nova had to go big or go home. In the end, it went in meek like a Meekasaurus. And went home. The implications of Terra Nova‘s demise will surely be a talking point for months, if not years, to come.

What do you think of Terra Nova’s cancellation?

More to come on Terra Nova over the coming days. Stay tuned.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Cortexifan says

    Make room for Fringe! It needs to stay around and I’m still hoping for a full season.

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    • says

      My thoughts exactly! Even with low numer of viewers, overseas sales, dvd/blu-ray sales and always positive buzz, Fringe earns a lot of money and reputatio to Fox and WB. Terra Nova had amazing idea that failed to deliver in every way due to bad writing, bad special effects… So, bring more Fringe!!!

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      • lafra08 says

        Yes a full 5.the season for Fringe please!there is no other Tv Show like Fringe on Tv at the current moment!I really hope that Fox and WB know what thay have with Fringe!

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    • Valerie says

      I’ve tried watching Fringe a few times and it was painfully hard to follow. I like story arcs but there shouldn’t be so many that if you miss an episode you won’t be able to understand the next one.

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  2. mlj102 says

    I’m just waiting for all those passionate Terra Nova fans from a couple of months ago to show up and start complaining about this. They were certainly committed to their show. And Terra Nova did have some good things going for it. But my biggest problem was that it had a lot of potential, it was given every opportunity, and it failed to deliver. Instead, it fell flat and was a disappointment. Sorry to the Terra Nova fans — it’s never a good experience to have your favorite show canceled — but for me personally, I won’t miss it and I think FOX made the right decision. And if the cancellation of Terra Nova means a greater possibility of Fringe returning next year, even better.

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    • says

      So try switching time slots and see if they still “make money” on it… don’t just cancel… How many HORRID shows have we seen stay around that never should have made it past episode two?

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  3. says

    It has reported that ” Terra Nova will go down as one of the biggest misfires in television history.” So true.
    Now I hope that Fox and Warner show Fringe some love.

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  4. Dac says

    TN had so much potential but it just couldn’t find its feet. Hopefully this means Fringe may still have a chance.

    If a cable network picked it up, I’d probably give it a chance to see if they learned anything and improved.

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  5. Pwnsauce says

    TVLine upgraded Fringe from a could go either way to a safe bet for getting renewed. Things may be looking up. I assume they have the inside information regarding cancellations, so I’m inclined to trust their upgrade.

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  6. Mellissa Brazil says


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    • says

      I don’t hate fringe… It’s actually a REALLY good show. I like both though. Totally agree TN would need to bring their A game in season2. I have hopes for scyfy or BBC…. they have a bigger science fiction niche…

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    • Someone in the universe says

      Man,I’m mad to about the cancelation of Lie To Me,and now They canceled TN!:@!WE HAVE TO KEEP ASKING TO BRING BACK LIE TO ME AND BRING TERRA NOVA NEW SEASON!!! I think They will see They are wrong about This AMAAAZINGG SERIES and will get their back!!!WE STILL HAVE HOPE!!!!!LET’S DO A REVOLUTION!!!!!

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  7. FinChase says

    I watched all the episodes of Terra Nova. I really hoped to like it; it had an intriguing premise. However, I have to agree with all the people who said that it didn’t live up to its promise. It didn’t know whether it wanted to be “Lost” or “7th Heaven” (or insert some other more recent family drama here; I don’t watch ’em much so I’m not current on the latest ones.) The CGI was often cheesy which is a really bad thing for a show that relies on it as much as TN did, and the characters just weren’t very interesting. Perhaps if they’d been a little bolder they would have succeeded, but it seems like they tried to play it safe to please everyone and ended up pleasing no one–or at least not enough.

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  8. RENEW TERRA NOVA MAN!!!!!!! says

    What a f**k Fox doing,MAN?!?!?!They think We are stupids?!?!Man,WHY They do a wonderful serie like TN just one season,leave A LOT OF DOUBTS AND MISTERY BEHIND,and NOW THEY WANT CANCEL?!??!!!??This is so idiot!!!!!I WANT a second SEASON!!!!!!!!!I agree with Someone in the universe,LET’S KEEP ASKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHO’S WITH ME???>o<!!!

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  9. matt says

    I have a theory why the tv networks keep cancelling the good scifi shows after one season. its simple. the audience that scifi appeals to tends to be the same group of people that is on the leading edge of tech. and this group of people largely does not watch cable tv any more. We get our TV from sources like itunes and netflix or other online sites. places that let us whatch what we want when we want with no crappy commercials (commercials being the key) since there are no commercials the cable TV network doesn’t make money and they cancel the show. it doesn’t matter that millions are watching it.
    I just wish these old dinosaurs would come into the 21st century and stop cancelling good shows because they don’t know how or are unwilling to adapt to a changing market

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        • JustMe says

          U Fkng Stupid? what he sad was that the comercials were and are important to the TV series –”……. c’mon have some common sense

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          • matt says

            I dunno if you’re being sarcastic or not, but,

            I hate commercials. I’ll DVR something I want to watch when I see it on/it starts, go smoke a joint, then come back and watch it 10 minutes later so I can skip teh commercials and by the end I finish the show at the same time as everyone else. I hate them so much. Totally takes you out of the universe of what you are watching, and it’s not like I;m going to get up in the middle of what I;m watching and go buy something, and in fact if a commercial comes on in the middle of something I;m watching and it bugs me I usually go out of my way not to buy that product later lol

            I like Woody Allen’s take on commercials/movies being shown on television very much (oh James I love you so m – switch – HEY DO YOU WANNA BUY SOME F***KING CHEESE WIZ?) find the interview on the net if you can it’s great.

            IMO theyre important only in the sense that they are important to the a**holes who want to make money more than they want to make great TV and since they keep cancelling shows for the reason I pointed out they are, sadly, still important (but as I also said, thank god for DVRs/the interweb/netflicks like things)

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            • matt says

              also thought I;d mention:

              I got into FRINGE seeing it on TV then I caught up on the episodes I;d missed on the net and immediately started watching episodes the next day after they aired on the net because it was so much better (first time I;d ever watched tv on my comp) I mean I actually looked forward to seeing a glyph because the scene would change and it would still be FRINGE rather than cutting out of the universe of FRINGE to some dumb commercial (I watch serialized tv cause it’s fun to escape into the world like reading a book or watching a film not so I can be advertised to…), then when season 2 came around and I watched the first episode on TV as it aired cause I couldnt wait, it totally ruined it for me cause I was so used to being able to watch 50 mins of FRINGE non stop

              (and also, randomly, season 1 was the best because each episode was longer, IMO)

              the incredible amount of advertising and its intensity and stupidity has really got me waiting until a show has aired and then watching it later and hooking my comp up to my tv/speakers or if Im lazy, dvr ing it so i can fast forward through them, which is awesome, but still slightly less good than being able to continuously watch something without any interruption of ay kind including input needed on the viewers part

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              • matt says

                also forgot to mention, and the reason I came to a Terra Nova page in the first place today, that I hate not knowing the ending of something like this or at least more of the story so I can create my own. I really hate it. I love the JJ mystery box very much, but I also really like knowing the ending or at least the origin of the cool mystery suspense element.

                point being take terra nova and alcatraz. i really enjoyed watching both, but i dunno if i would have had i known the stories would end where they did because it just bugs me that we dont know, like i said I enjoy making my own endings up too, but thats not really why i tuned in or kept watching is it, if were honest.

                actual point im trying to make: I think this is the reason serials arent doing so well. who want to tune in to be denied the ending? you wouldnt really reada book if you only had the front half would you? watd be the point? so, point is my viewership is sometimes automatically denied to a show because I dont want to get screwed out of an ending so sometimes I actually wait until it’s done or almost done (or at least goes into season 2 or 3) and then catch up and watch it all like reading a book, which isnt helping the people who want to make money out, sooooo there needs to be some compromise and some rewarding of faith/time spent on the part of the network. see how much buzz it generates, and then let it play out for the people who like it, i mean not if its a huge flop obviously they cant afford it, but for something like alcatraz or terra nova that was doing well, just not amazing, why not yaknow? look what happened with FRINGE? you had millions of people sticking with it and they made it work for 5 seasons and it was good all around. maybe they could have shown some stupid glee ripoff or something and made more money but they decided that a few million people is enough people seeing an advert that it’s worth it and it was for everyone

                (sorry for the massive rambling, no editing here, just stream of consciousness right now cause im in a hurry to stop something for burning on the stove, peace)

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    • WaySeeker says

      Ads pay for the shows. TV has always had them, as does radio which preceded it. They only run shows now to get viewers to watch the ads and thus get money, even the subscription no-ads networks do this. Haven’t you noticed that breaking news reports on news or weather rarely if ever come on during the ads but only when the show is playing? The same with the weather bulletin banner running on the bottom of the screen, that is on the show but disappears when the ads play. Can the news be that important if they don’t play during ads, what if you were flipping through and managed to only see ads as you did so, yo would miss out on the important information!
      They don’t run shows to be nice. You pay to get the show on iTunes and you pay a subscription for Netflix, but if you actually watched it on FOX with an Antenna you’d be watching it for free with the ads that make it free. The trouble is most people have cable for TV so they pay for the whole package and so they are paying AND seeing commercials.
      I don’t like ads, either, but what else would you have them do? Should all TV be subscription and ad-free? You can’t expect that the sets costumes cameras lighting studios actors special effects music editing etc. etc. people who make the show are going to do it for free, so how can they be paid?

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      • matt says

        They aren’t doing it for free, people pay for their cable and satellite subscriptions yet the TV networks still act like they are giving it away for free. I would have no issue with adds if the service were in fact free and not $100 per month for the privilege of being advertised to.

        Look at google for example I love there services because they are free. I’m not paying them for the privilege of seeing their adds

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  10. Lunarautumn says

    Well, all I have to say to all of you that are saying that fox did the right thing by cancelling Terra Nova, and hoping this will bring Fringe back from the edge of oblivion, is you will find out Just how Us Terra Nova Fans feel, when a show is cut to a half season the next step is out the door !!! just ask Destination Truth!! But do not worry Us Terra Nova Fans will be here to console you as good as you consoled us !! And to WaySeeker yes there are ads and that is how TV stations get paid by airing the Ads But it is NOT the TV Networks Paying for the sets or the lighting or the costumes or Paying the actors it is the company that make these shows and movies NONE of the ad money goes to any of the people that make these shows it goes to the TELEVISION STATION so the way I see it if you have FREE TV no Problem But I pay $125.00 a month to watch my TV and I shouldn’t have to deal with these ads they have gotten WAY OUT OF CONTROL to go to a professional Football game or a Hockey game and pay dam good money to do so, and then have to sit and watch them stand around on the field or on the Ice while the commercials are playing on the big screen is Just insane. way too much commercialization in the world!!!

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  11. Lunarautumn says

    To all my Fellow Terra Nova Fans Do Not Give Up Faith !! Just days after Fox canceled Terra Nova, the Steven Spielberg-produced series may have found a new home for its second season on Netflix.

    While the negotiations between Netflix and 20th Century TV (the studio that produces the show) are still preliminary, the studio’s attempt at selling the series to another network (or broadcast entity) may turn out to be successful after all.

    If picked up, Terra Nova would become the second canceled Fox series to be picked up by Netflix. Last year, Netflix secured the rights to air Arrested Development season 4, a 10-episode season that will lead up to the long-awaited Arrested Development movie in 2013.

    If Terra Nova were to move to Netflix, the series would be free from any network expectations of ratings to help fuel advertiser’s interest. For Netflix, they’re looking more towards providing their millions of subscribers with the ability to find the series for years to come, so there’s no need for a count of initial viewers.

    When Netflix premiered their first original series Lilyhammer this year, the company declined to release ratings information on the series. Here’s what Netflix COO Ted Sarandos had to say about what they’re actually interested in (which isn’t ratings):

    We have over 23 million streaming members and they’ll have the opportunity to discover Lilyhammer not just yesterday, today or this week, but over the course of several years.

    Of course, if Terra Nova does move to Netflix, it’s unlikely that the television’s familiar 23-episode season will follow with it. While Terra Nova only received 11 episodes in its initial order, its continuation on Fox would have resulted in a much longer episode order for its second season.

    The cast of Fox’s Terra Nova

    Fortunately, Terra Nova’s potential move to Netflix isn’t likely to bring with it a significant cut to the series’ budget. With Netflix already spending $3.8 million on the Kevin Spacey series House of Cards, it’s extremely possible that the digital streaming (and rental) service would be on board for the reported $4 million an episode of Terra Nova.

    Additionally, with Fox footing the bill for all of the series’ visual effects, any previously created visual effects will be able to be reused without any additional financing. Of course, if Netflix wanted to shell out a few extra dollars, perhaps the series’ visual effects could be bettered for its digital debut.


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    • !!!!!!! says

      Thank you for the amazing notice lunaraautumn:)!!!!WE HAVE MORE HOPE NOW!!!!!!TERRA NOVA SEASON2,I’M WATING!!!!!!!!!:D<3!!!!!

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      • Mellissa Brazil says

        Thank you MAN!!!!!I have more HOPE now TO!!!!But can someone tell me If Ashley Zuchermann will do Lucas Taylor at the SEASON 2 please??Cuz I like This actor:)!!!

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  12. Lunarautumn says

    Yes Betty I heard that too but we are still not out of luck yet !!
    Word is that talks between Netflix and Fox are still ongoing and that there’s still a chance they may take on the cancelled series. Should those talks actually amount to something, O’Mara will still be able to go back to Terra Nova, it takes priority over his new job. so all we can do is cross our fingers stranger things have happened :-)

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  13. Demigorgon says

    Any news on if netflix is going to pick up Terra Nova. I feel left out I just found out it was canceled after I looked up when season 2 would start. Me and my girl can honestly say we are heart broken over fox’s decision to cancel this show.

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  14. Grace says

    Fox does this every time. I’m still pissed that they let go of Firefly first season. I loved that show. If Terra Nova was given a chance it could have fixed the character flaws to cover production cost by all the viewers it would have brought in. Never under estimate the power of the sci-fi crowds. We find a show we love and we are a fan for life!

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  15. Kleo says

    A very big mistake from producers to cancel this series. It seems they don’t realize what the public want.

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  16. Carson says

    I honostly think that fox has made a huge mistake Terra Nova was one of the best shows i have seen in a long time…… i hope that other shoppers hit up soon because its going to be a long summer not having it to watch!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously Fox…. Messed up huge your going see Terra Nova Season 2 hit up a huge success and wish you took that in yoru own hands

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  17. sadie says

    i would really like to see terra nova carried on not only did i love the show so did the rest of my family. It was very diverse and filled with different types of characters and twists. the fantasy aspect of the show gives an escape from our everyday reality.

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  18. OBryan Hairston says

    Would love to see a 2nd season of Terra Nova. Really hope another network picks it up.

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  19. Ivan F. says

    I’ve noticed recently, in the last few years, it’s really hard to get involved in anynew series FOX comes out with, because for the last 2 years, ALL of their new series get cancelled after the season ends. Sorry FOX, I’m not watching your channel ANYMORE.

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  20. Bob Hope says

    Well I think it suks, Terra Nova was a brilliant show and gave a lot of people good entertainment. It jus shows how little the so called experts who run these studios know, they don’t listen to the viewers at all.
    I hope another company picks this program up and produces a season 2

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  21. Ryan says

    please bring terra nova back i was very interestedin the show and would like its return, with that said im sure im not the only person on this planet that wants the return of terra nova

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  22. Leotie Wheatley says

    I think Terra Nova was a great show! Good entertainment and drama! I was never bored once and it’s a shame that the show is canceled. The least the writers could do is let all of us loyal fans out there know what’s up with the bad lands!!!!

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  23. Solfrid from Norway says

    Seriously? I loved Terra Nova so much and I was so excited about the Season two. I think Fox made a huge mistake by cancelling the Terra Nova season two. It´s so stupid of them to just give Terra Nova an exciting end to the season 1, and just let the series end like that… I mean.. WTF?! The Terra Nova can´t end like that. The Terra Nova fans will hate Fox for this forever. HUGE – MISTAKE! I´m so dissapointed.

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  24. Zacorra says

    I feel that it’s very interesting that of the 32 comments posted on the last page so far only 3 are nae sayers while ALL of the others are HIGH & HIGHER PRAISES of the show. Hmmm! While everyone on THIS page seem to love Fringe, I for one think it stinks. It’s far to conveluted making it hard to follow more times than I could count. Tera Nova on the other had was highly imaginative & intreaging, yet it was canceld without giving it a chance to really come into it own.
    I am a normal person, only with a high I.Q of 193. I am very scientifically oriented and I absolutely LOVED Tera Nova. I believe that anyone that didn’t is either way to critical wrapped up in their own ignorance or just too stupid to understand it at all. Keep your critical opinions to yourselves and leave the ones who did like to their happy memories of it. We don’t need your opinion foisted upon us when we know better. The show was a marvelous dream and the thought that it could possibly happen some day with a slight stretch of the imagination gives a strange feeling of Solis to those who are sick at heart for what is actually happening to the atmosphere on our only realtime planet. I for one am sick and tired of the shows, while I enjoyed them for a time, that are entirely based on the gag factor with gory, slimy bodies full of unrealistic, over sized magots with storylines that are so simple that it makes it way too easy to know who the murderer is. BORRING!!! Tera Nova on the other hand sparks the imagination and leaves you wanting more, more MORE!!!
    I don’t know where the network got their “ratings” but they were asking the WRONG PEOPLE. I can only hope & pray that another network has the imagination to add to the story and the foresight & inginuity to make it work.
    Reilly needs to have his butt kicked right up over his shoulders for “closing the time-portal”. Furthermore, I can’t for the life of me figure out what on earth serialization had to do with the story and why people liked it. Everyone I know LOVED it and were not only angry about it but were also hurt that the network doesn’t consider us any more than to cut our favorite show off like that right in the middle and leave us all hanging. I hope they DO sell it to another network and that the take it and run with it to the point that they make BILLIONS on it. It would serve Fox right!!!

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  25. Phil says

    TN had potential to make billions, it would of got bigger than lost as each season passed and their budget grew It would of been amazing! Officially no longer a fan of FOX (idiots they must be)

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    • Lukas says

      Personally I “lost” track on err…Lost during the latter seasons everything just got mixed up!
      But I agree totally many of these kinds off series have a slow start just look at Stargate wich did´nt pick start to up speed until season 3 and look today it is one of the most celebrated franchises!

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    • Lukas says

      Correction: Terra Nova did NOT have a slow start but maybe it felt slow to those that want constant battles and a show that is more predictable! Terra Nova WAS very un-predictable wich is very good it sort off teases those grey cells !

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  26. Lukas says

    We can only hope SOMEONE gives TN some CPR before it truly goes cold!
    Terra Nova had a LOT going for it I mean for once a sci fi series that was´nt all about shooting and instead more on family at least make a mini series to tie up the loose ends and THEN see where it goes? … Haven´t watched Fringe much I think I may have survived ONE episode(parts of one anyway before I blacked out) Another cop show among I don´t know HOW many is´nt it enough allready?!
    Perhaps it is best that FOX turn over TN to another network that does NOT chicken out as easily?!!
    Terra Nova deserves at least a second season(if not more) more than most sci fi series I´ve seen over the last decade!

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  27. Dylan says


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  28. Dennis says

    Terra nova should have never been cancelled,that was a great show and everybody loved it, fox give bk terra nova

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  29. Moe says

    I was reading several articles about why it was cancelled and it was not Rice who decided, but Reid who decided and Reid works for Rice. Rice championed the show. It made money and it was a family show. Personally if Reid worked for me and cancelled something I was in favor of, I would walk into his office and look at him in the eyes and inform he he his two seconds to clear out of his office and start looking for another job. When is it allowed to cancel something your own boss wants. Most company would send you packing. When Reid said TN was cancelled, knowing his own boss was championing for the show, Reid should have resigned and left FOX. In my years on this earth I have seen shows that should not gone beyond the first show or not even put on the air.

    If something is making you money, leave it alone. Reid even admitted TN was making money. Mr Reid please resign, you cost FOX money or FOX fire Mr Reid for losing your company money.

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  30. Clara Lakem says

    I am very disappointed this show was cancelled after it’s 1st season. I watched it on Netflix, and just went on-line to see if there were more seasons. It’s a great, family oriented show with a diverse set of characters. I don’t watch TV as I cannot stand to view much of what is shown these days. At least this show was interesting and had a message as well regarding the need to safeguard our future. Would love to see it brought back on Netflix, and find out what is in the Badlands. Want to know if the “good guys” won. I wouldn’t spend 5 seconds watching most of Fox programming, as it is a total waste of my valuable time – would have made an exception for this show.

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  31. says

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