FRINGE: John Noble Teases Peter’s Eye-Popping Re-Introduction

The closing moments of Fringe‘s dramatic third season finale will surely live long in the memory. Which is ironic given that our heroes no longer remember their beloved Peter, nor the events which led them to a fresh slice of existence. One of the questions that has dominated the collective […]


FRINGE MOTIVE: Why Walter Shattered Earth 2 Even Without Peter | Part 1

Originally, Walter Bishop‘s motive for punching a hole in the alternate universe and bringing about its eventual destruction was simple — unable to save his only son, he saw an opportunity to prevent his doppelgänger’s child from meeting the same fate, while also replacing that void in his heart. So […]


FRINGE REVIEW: 3.21 The Last Sam Weiss

Welcome to our Fringe review for chapter 3.21 – “The Last Sam Weiss”. In this review we provide completely honest opinions on the good and the bad aspects of the episode. We identify the answers that were provided and the mysteries that remain locked away. We take an in-depth look at other aspects […]

Intruder In The Lab: FRINGE DIVISIONS Chapter 2

Yikes! First Walter introduces us to Peter and Olivia’s ‘special’ swivel chair, then he rambles on about Gene, before an intruder turns out the lights – leaving Astid, Walter, and YOU in peril. Quick, grab the thermo cam! Head past the jump to find out what mysteries you will uncover […]


FRINGE: Crossing The Line, Consequences, Choices

“Crossing the line” is a phrase that has become synonymous with Fringe storytelling – after all, to get to the ‘fringe’, one must cross a few lines. The phrase can have both positive and negative context: To cross the line is to be bold – to go beyond the established notion […]


Fringe: How Many More, Walter?

I think Peter said it best: “how many more, Walter?” Do you think we’ll see more off-the-record Cortexiphan subjects show up on Fringe at some point in the future? Does Walter have more former experiments like Simon Phillips up his sleeve of broken souls? Add your vote to the poll […]


Fringe: Walter! Don’t You Dare Kick-Ass Walternate

Fringe actress Jasika Nicole says that “a lot of people really, really want to see [Walter kick Walternate’s ass].” I must be in the minority that doesn’t then! The idea of Walter kicking Walternate’s ass is not only awkward (save the double on double for the Olivias, guys!), but I don’t […]


Fringe: Walter And Massive Dynamic: The Possibilities!

Now that Walter has the means and resources that comes with owning the world’s leading company, will he use it to rise up like Prometheus himself to fight fire with alternate universe fire, or will put it to good use and seek out peaceful solutions to the problems facing both […]