Dead Is Dead For THE EVENT?

It’s been well over a month since we last heard anything about NBC‘s canceled series The Event, and its hopes of finding a new home on another network. We have an idea of where the Season 2 was going, but with the show’s actors beginning to find new jobs, including lead Jason […]

Rumor Mill: THE EVENT To Get Really Syfy As A Miniseries? [UPDATED]

Is NBC’s canceled sci-fi series, The Event, set to continue as a miniseries? UPDATE: Syfy has quickly moved to (somewhat) quash rumors that they will pick up The Event. Craig Engler, a senior executive at the channel, has just tweeted the following: “To answer some questions I’ve been getting, at this […]


THE EVENT Phones Home – Hope Still Flickers For Canceled Series

According to Ian Anthony Dale, who plays Simon on the canceled NBC series The Event, they are still “working hard to find another home for The Event”. So long as they don’t jeopardize Earth while they’re at it. Just sayin’ is all – I saw what Sophia did in the finale.


THE EVENT: Where The Story Was Heading In Season 2

So, you watched the finale and translated Dempsey’s scroll. Still confused as to what the ‘event’ in The Event actually was? Well, we may have some answers for you. The latest entry in Nick Wauters ‘Creators Blog’ provides some additional insight into where the ‘event’ fits in the broader picture […]


THE EVENT: The Secret Of Dempsey’s Scroll Revealed

The Event ended without revealing the secret contents of Dempsey’s scroll, as NBC’s axe fell swiftly to cut off the head. (unless that ‘Netflix deal’ comes through). However, we’ve managed to obtain the scroll and translate its secret message. Scroll past the jump to uncover the secrets.