Seriable Gift List: Whopping Deals On Serialized TV DVDs & Blu-rays!

With the holiday season upon us, Amazon are offering some whopping discounts on a range of serialized TV shows – from currently running favorites like Game Of Thrones and Homeland, to classics such as Fringe, LOST and The Wire. Discounts of up to 83% are available at the time of […]


SDCC: Warner Bros. Key Party; ALCATRAZ, POI & SMALLVILLE Keycards

Continuing the trend from previous years, Warner Bros. has announced it has created 40,000 limited-edition collectible hotel keycards for upcoming TV series Alcatraz and Person Of Interest, along with Smallville: The Complete Series on DVD. The keycards are part of the studio’s Comic Con push and will be available at […]


SMALLVILLE Series Finale Brings Fan To Climax

Youtuber Maurice Simmons really, really, REALLY enjoyed the Smallville series finale. The long-time Smallville fan enjoyed it so much, it brought him to a not-so-small climax. Hit the jump to watch his personally recorded ‘Smallville finale experience’.