FRINGE: 10 Supporting Characters We’d Love To Discover In Season 4

With the fourth season of Fringe just around the corner, we’ll soon discover exactly what the new existence means for our time-bending heroes. But it’s not just the main characters we’re looking forward to seeing in the Peter-less world; we’re also intrigued to see what role some of the show’s […]


FRINGE REVIEW: 3.21 The Last Sam Weiss

Welcome to our Fringe review for chapter 3.21 – “The Last Sam Weiss”. In this review we provide completely honest opinions on the good and the bad aspects of the episode. We identify the answers that were provided and the mysteries that remain locked away. We take an in-depth look at other aspects […]


Sam Weiss Returns to FRINGE: Does A Demon’s TWIST Really Rust?

Some of the most intriguing  mythology elements from Fringe “6:02 AM EST” involved the returning Sam Weiss, who’s previous contribution to the storyline was telling Nina that the fate of the world depended on whic ‘Olivia’ Peter chose. I guess Sam hadn’t factored in all the possibilities. I thought it […]


FRINGE OPINION: Should Olivia TRUST Sam Weiss?

We’ve been warned not to trust him by way of an easter egg scribbled on a chalkboard back in the season 2 finale. He’s the secret author of all the First People books. And has been very selective in how much information he has divulged. So when Sam Weiss came […]


FRINGE: Do First People Rock Out To Violet Sedan Chair?

So it turns out Sam Weiss is a Violet Sedan Chair fan. Here he is rocking his red-yellow-blue VSC logo Tee in the Fringe Season 2 episode “Fracture” – quite a while before the reality-blurring band was verbally introduced into the world of the show (“Grey Matters”). That’s some nice […]

Y: The Last Sam

Fringe Finale Titles Revealed, But What Do They Mean?

The titles for the final two episodes of Fringe‘s third season dropped like giant boulders into an inflatable pond. Ripples. Ripples were sent throughout the Fringe fandom as people wondered just what these titular entries could mean for the larger picture of show and story. So, what do they mean? […]


Fringe Producers Tease 8 ‘Burning Questions’

In addition to talking about the mythology of Fringe, executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman have also answered “8 Burning Questions”. Topics include, Peter and the Machine, Alternate Nina, The Observers, Sam Weiss, and more. Spoilers after the jump.



Sam Weiss is a man sentient being of few words. But when he does speak, you get the sense that we should be listening (and perceiving) very carefully. We’ve perceived, and compiled what we believe to be Sam’s 23 most important messages to date. Head past the jump to see if […]


The First People: Is Sam Weiss Fringe’s Own Richard Alpert?

Fringe fans have good reason to believe that the cryptic Sam Weiss is one of the First People. Not only is his name an anagram for “Seamus Wiles” – the author who wrote the First People books in various languages, but he’s previously confessed that he’s, ‘older and taller’ than […]