low winter sun 101

LOW WINTER SUN: 1.01 Pilot – The Good & The Bad

AMC’s new crime drama, Low Winter Sun, made its long-awaited debut on Sunday night — but what worked and what didn’t? Here’s my quick-and-dirty take on the good and the bad of Episode 1. What Worked 1. The episode held my attention throughout, which is always a good place to […]

dexter a little reflection review

DEXTER: 8.06 A Little Reflection – AFTERTHOUGHTS

As the turbulent tides go down another hunt begins. Dexter vets the prey; Zach Hamilton, fellow monster. But the thought of taking this clueless kid under his strong wings bars the floodgates. What would be the better option, cultivation or eradication? MENTOR BY ACCIDENT The Brain Surgeon Killer case is […]

DEXTER: 8.05 This Little Piggy – AFTERTHOUGHTS

DEXTER: 8.05 This Little Piggy – AFTERTHOUGHTS

After driving Dexter into the lake, Deb hits rock bottom but resurfaces to save him. Vogel summons them to work past their issues and reconcile, which doesn’t work quite well at first. But when the toe-breaker on the loose kidnaps the psychopath whisperer, it’s up to her two favorite children […]

DEXTER: 8.02 Every Silver Lining Review

DEXTER: 8.02 Every Silver Lining… – AFTERTHOUGHTS

Dr. Vogel, the final piece of the puzzle, gives a new meaning to Dexter’s nature and his journey of self-discovery: Are psychopaths mistakes of nature or a gift to mankind? Do they make the world a better place, or simply contribute to the never ending bloodshed? Dex doesn’t know what […]


RAY DONOVAN: 1.01 The Bag or the Bat – Review

Note: this is an early spoiler-lite review for the pilot episode of Ray Donovan, which premieres June 30 on Showtime. If you don’t want to know anything about the first episode, stop reading now! Showtime’s new original series Ray Donovan stars Liev Schrieber as the title character, a ‘fixer’ who […]

The X-Files: Fight the Future

THE X-FILES Mythology Guide: Fight the Future

“He’s but one man. One man alone cannot fight the future” Introduction Not many serialized shows get to enjoy a cinematic outing but The X-Files was one of the few, delivering a mythology-rich two hours with more impressive action than a normal two-parter could offer. The movie slots in between […]