FRINGE: Peter’s Eulogy Speech Unmuted

So, what did Peter say in his eulogy speech? I always thought it was an interesting, and effective, decision to mute Peter’s words to allow visual senses to take over with the aid of some of the season’s most heart-wrenching music. But how differently would it have played had we […]


FRINGE: New Season 4 Promo Reintroduces Peter Bishop

With the new season just around the corner, FOX has aired a new Fringe season 4 promo as part of their fall preview. The 30-second piece reintroduces the boy who changed it all — Peter Bishop. Take a look.


FRINGE: John Noble Teases Peter’s Eye-Popping Re-Introduction

The closing moments of Fringe‘s dramatic third season finale will surely live long in the memory. Which is ironic given that our heroes no longer remember their beloved Peter, nor the events which led them to a fresh slice of existence. One of the questions that has dominated the collective […]