LOST 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Video Revisits Memorable Moments

LOST made its world premiere at Comic-Con 10 years ago this past weekend, and to commemorate the drama’s anniversary, ABC released a new video featuring some of the most memorable LOST moments. From Locke’s delightful orange smile, to Desmond’s ill-timed well-timed bathroom break, to Frozen Donkey Wheels and “Kate, Dammit, RUN!,” relive some of […]


LOST Observations: 2.19 S.O.S.

Welcome back to LOST Observations! We’re looking back at S.O.S.; the first episode of the show that’s centered around guest stars. This episode tells the story of Rose and Bernard, which also reveals a new bit of island mythology. Let’s have a look, and remember, you can scroll over the pictures for […]