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LOST 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Video Revisits Memorable Moments

LOST made its world premiere at Comic-Con 10 years ago this past weekend, and to commemorate the drama’s anniversary, ABC released a new video featuring some of the most memorable LOST moments. From Locke’s delightful orange smile, to Desmond’s ill-timed well-timed bathroom break, to Frozen Donkey Wheels and “Kate, Dammit, RUN!,” relive some of […]


LOST Observations: 2.19 S.O.S.

Welcome back to LOST Observations! We’re looking back at S.O.S.; the first episode of the show that’s centered around guest stars. This episode tells the story of Rose and Bernard, which also reveals a new bit of island mythology. Let’s have a look, and remember, you can scroll over the pictures for […]


LOST Observations: 2.18 Dave

Welcome back to LOST Observations! We’re looking back at one of my favorite episodes of the series: Dave. This episode is almost entirely focused on Hurley and his life during his time in the mental hospital, and it has some surprising connections to the show’s final episode. Let’s have a look, […]