Jason Butler Harner, says that his Alcatraz character (EB Taylor) has an “axe to grind,” and that “he maybe is not a nice guy.” He’s not giving much away.. In typical fashion the latest island mystery from JJ. Abrams, and executive producer, Elizabeth Sarnoff, is cloaked in mystery. Harner does however […]


Christine Adams On The Rivalry At The Heart Of TERRA NOVA

Make no bones about it, Terra Nova is THE most anticipated new series of the fall. The high-concept family adventure series has been a long time coming, but in a little under three months time we’ll finally be able to sample the goods. One of the key Terra Nova mythologies […]

Falling Skies

A Glass Apart: Moon Bloodgood On FALLING SKIES Character Drama

FearNet recently caught up with Moon Bloodgood, who goes to war with aliens this June in TNT‘s high-concept drama, Falling Skies. Bloodgood talked about her character (Dr. Anne Glass), who is something of a departure from the character type she usually plays, and what she believes sets Skies apart from other alien […]


Robert J. Sawyer on His FlashForward Episode and Survival Chances

Digital Spy caught up with Robert J. Sawyer – author of the novel ABC’s FlashForward is based on – to ask him about tonight’s episode (which he wrote) and his view on the show’s survival chances. Head past the jump where we have included a portion of the interview – contains […]


Lost: What Dogen Did

Dogen the temple master is shaping up to be one of the more interesting new “Others” that we’ve had on the show since Richard Alpert. In an interview with IGN, actor Hiroyuki Sanada provides some insight into the role his character will have on the show.