dexter goodbye miami review

DEXTER: 8.10 Goodbye Miami – AFTERTHOUGHTS

Dex continues his hunt for Saxon; the one remaining loose end to tie up before leaving Miami with Hannah and Harrison. Meanwhile Debra has to adjust to the recent developments. OFF TO ARGENTINA…OR NOT Seems Dexter’s permanent vacation plan doesn’t go hand in hand with his life as a serial […]


DEXTER Ending Will Leave Some Room For Interpretation, Hints Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall has claimed that while the Dexter series finale will resolve show’s the major loose ends, it will leave viewers with some room for interpretation. Speaking to the press, he said (via “I don’t think the ending will leave any huge questions in the air like The Sopranos did in […]

DEXTER Easter Eggs: 8.09 Make Your Own Kind of Music

DEXTER OBSERVATIONS: 8.09 Make Your Own Kind of Music

In this article, we explore the easter eggs and visual/narrative symbolism from Dexter 8.09 “Make Your Own Kind of Music.” Note: Unless confirmed by those involved in making the show, via interviews, podcasts, etc, the following bits and pieces are intended solely for speculation and theorizing. Reflections reappear in this episode as well, hinting […]

dexter 8.09 review

DEXTER: 8.09 Make Your Own Kind of Music – AFTERTHOUGHTS

Dexter follows up on a lead and unmasks The Brain Surgeon while at the same time protecting Hannah. Meanwhile, Debra has to decide whether she wants to rejoin the force or keep working at Elway’s. SUDDENLY A FAMILY MATTER Well, what a lame pay-off. I mean, seriously…a jumbled buildup to […]