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The good news this week is that Fringe has survived another, final, season. But other serial faves remain on the bubble. Ideally, they’d all return to continue their overarching stories, but the grim reality is that maybe only a few will return next season.

With that in mind, which of the following seriables do you most want to see continue next season: Alcatraz, Awake, Ringer, Missing, Nikita, The River, or Touch? You can vote for as many as you like using the poll below:

Which 'on the bubble' network Seriable would you save?

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  1. Steve says

    I Vote for Alcatraz because it has the more potentials of becoming something BIG! Moreover Jorge Garcia is Awesome!!!

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  2. Rick Terry says

    I like Awake over Alcatraz, but in a perfect world both would get renewal. I hope that Fox gives Alcatraz at least the second half of the season that would have been devoted to Fringe. Let them try to tie it up or bring their numbers up at least. But I need a second season of Awake, I really like that show.

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  3. FringeCharacter says

    1) Alcatraz
    2) Awake

    I am so happy that FRINGE gets 13 episodes. Is it too much to ask for each to be two-hour episodes? :-)

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  4. says

    Yeah…I can’t vote for any of these shows because I really don’t mind seeing them finish. I saw one episode of The River and rolled my eyes so badly, it was a mess. Alcatraz never caught me. The first episode of Touch was great and I really liked it, but the longer it hangs on the less appealing it becomes. As for Awake, I think it’s great for a one season story. I don’t see how the story can continue realistically beyond that. Can’t comment on Nikita, Ringer, Missing since I never watched them… So yeah. No vote from me, sorry. heh

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  5. jak says

    ty very much everyone for voting for alcatraz, i really want that show to be renewed, i hope touch and ringer gets renewed to

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