Suprise! Willow Puts The Boot In The Buffy Movie Reboot

Make that, no surprise. At this week’s TCA for How I Met Your Mother, Alyson Hannigan who portrayed Willow on Buffy, drove the stake further into the heart of the Joss Whedon-less Buffy movie reboot.

Willow’s eloquent reasoning went as follows:

“A BUFFY [THE VAMPIRE SLAYER] movie without Joss, I would crap on that. Joss was Buffy.”


To be fair, she’s hardly going to give it the thumbs up. While the solidarity is admirable.

Hannigan’s comments come on the heels of fellow Buffy alum Anthony Head, who called it, “a horrible idea“. I don’t expect this to be the last of the ‘Buffy reboot hate’, in spite of the suggestion that Whedon actually had first dibs (turning it down to concentrate on other projects).

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  1. Page 48 says

    Ha! To look at her, you wouldn’t suspect she was married to a rogue demon hunter.

    It is admirable that they all stand in unison against the forces of evil, (evil being a Jossless Buffy), but to be brutally honest, a lot of those original cast members (Hannigan, Head, and Boreanaz being notable exceptions) could use a career reboot, whether it’s in the form of BtVS or something else.

    It took Nathan Fillion a long time to find TV success again after “Firefly”, so maybe there’s still hope for SMG. I’d like to see her bounce back.

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