Summer Glau Didn’t Know Where Firefly Arc Was Going, Inspired By Alphas Character


Summer Glau admits she didn’t know where her Firefly character River Tam’s arc was going due to the secrecy of Joss Whedon’s storytelling, while her Alphas character Skylar Adams is different from anything she’s done before.

As we know, Glau will reappear in the second season of Syfy’s Alphas to reprise her role as Skylar. Speaking at the recent Supanova Expo 2012 in Melbourne, she said the character’s motherhood attracted her to the role, “I’m looking forward to exploring that part of her [in Season 2]. I feel really inspired by her and I feel like I’m going to learn a lot next season, with Skylar”.

Regarding matters Firefly, Glau notes that she related to River immediately and admits that she never knew where the character’s story arc was going.

Watch the Summer Glau Q&A in the player below (jump to 13:12 for the Alphas part):

via: spacemeatproductions

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  1. says

    Can’t to see Alphas season two, premiering Monday, July 23rd.

    Summer Glau is rumored to come back in episode six called “Alphaville”.

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  2. says

    i hadn’t heard of Alphas until she mentioned it @ Supanova. so when i got home i downloaded the entirety of season 1!
    i have yet to watch it. i will be once i can pull my self away from twitter and facebook lol.

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  3. Underseer says

    “Summer Glau Didn’t Know Where Firefly Arc Was Going”

    The Serenity movie showed precisely where both the story and character arc was going, why the blue-gloved men were pursuing her etc etc. As long as Joss knew where it was going, is all that counts for me.

    Maybe an actor shouldn’t know too far ahead where the story is going – knowing more than their character should may prejudice their performance.

    For instance, if the actor knows a betrayal is going to take place two episodes on, they might subconsciously project that when interacting with the traitor character, when it’s supposed to come as a complete shock.

    Summer has had some bad luck with series – Firefly, then Sarah Connor, both great shows. Firefly was the best damn sci-fi on TV at the time, its cancellation was criminal stupidity. Summer’s ass-kicking waif in Serenity was awesome.

    Wish her luck in Alphas. She’s earned it.

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