Steven DeKnight’s New Alien War Drama INCURSION Will Feature Strong Female Lead


Spartacus creator Steven DeKnight has posted an update on his Starz-based sci-fi project Incursion.

Speaking to Huff Post‘s Maureen Ryan, DeKnight cited Alien as an inspiration for Incursion, which will feature a strong female lead as well as male and female characters in combat:

“Men and women serve in the same platoon. It’s an R-rated, military show set in the future [and they’re] fighting aliens on different planets.”

While Incursion will be different from Spartacus, DeKnight said the the sci-fi series will also portray fully formed same-sex couples:

“I’m taking the same approach to what I did with ‘Spartacus,’ in that same-sex relationships are completely accepted. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight or bi or anything — in the future, that makes no difference whatsoever.”

With each season set to take place on a different planet, DeKnight is looking to root the story with the humans, while the aliens will not resemble their human counterparts:

“This is no offense to anyone that does this — I know exactly why you do — but [our aliens] are not a human with a prosthetic on their head. No bumpy foreheads”

DeKnight is looking give viewers a gritty “war story that just happens to be against aliens on other planets” — all of which is taking a little while to get off the ground, though he’s still “confident” of getting the green-light from Starz.

Seriable is intrigued by this project, hopefully it comes together.

Source and further reading: Huff Post TV

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