Bates Motel: 2.05 The Escape Artist – Advance Promo

Norman trusts Cody with a family secret.  Dylan finds himself fighting for his life as Zane’s war escalates.  Norma makes a deal with a mysterious man to help stop the bypass. Guest stars: Paloma Kwiatkowski, Michael Eklund, Michael O’Neill, Kathleen Robertson.


Rosemary’s Baby: Official Storyline Revealed

Based on the 1967 best-selling suspense novel by Ira Levin, this new adaptation of “Rosemary’s Baby” centers on a young married couple who escapes New York and moves to Paris with hopes of leaving their sad past behind. After a series of unfortunate events, Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse are presented […]


Penny Dreadful Character Featurettes: Meet Ethan Chandler & Vanessa Ives

In Penny Dreadful, some of literature’s most famously terrifying characters — including Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula, all brilliantly reimagined in a whole new light — have become embroiled in Victorian London. The series is a frightening psychosexual thriller created, written and executive produced […]


The Walking Dead Finale Spoilers: Terminus, Andrew J. West, Season 5

Warning: The following story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead 4.15, “Us”. Continue reading at your own discretion. – – The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero has reflected on Sunday’s penultimate episode of the season, which he directed, and set up this week’s Terminus-heavy finale. Plus, hints from fellow […]


Rosemary’s Baby: Zoe Saldana & Patrick J. Adams In New Photos

Following the short Rosemary’s Baby teaser, TVLine has delivered some new promotional photos featuring the NBC drama’s demon-baby parents Zoe Saldana and Patrick J. Adams. The story centers on a young married couple who move into a Paris apartment that has a haunted past. After getting pregnant, the wife becomes […]


Once Upon A Time: 3.15 Quiet Minds – Canadian Promo

Once Upon A Time continues Sunday on ABC with Episode 15 of Season 3, “Quiet Minds”. Get a another look at what’s coming next via the Canadian promo below. Related | Once Upon A Time: 3.15 Quiet Minds – US Promo HT: Once Fan


Person Of Interest: 3.18 Allegiance – Extended Promo

“Allegiance” – Finch and Reese must delve into the murky waters of international politics when they are given the number of a former government contractor who is stalking a UN diplomat. Also, an enemy attempts to gain an upper hand on Root, on PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, March 25 (10:01 […]


Crisis: 1.03 What Was Done To You – Promotional Photos

03/30/2014 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Sunday) – After Finley (Lance Gross) and Dunn (Rachael Taylor) meet with the President (guest star John Allen Nelson) and First Lady (guest star Melinda McGraw), they soon realize that the Chief of Staff (guest star Michael Bunin) is the next parent sent on a dangerous […]

Believe - Season 1

Believe: 1.04 Defection – Promotional Photos

03/30/2014 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Sunday) As the dragnet closes, Tate (Jake McLaughlin) puts his freedom at risk to help Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) find the writer of a long-lost love letter. Meanwhile, Winter (Delroy Lindo) makes preparations for an escape from Manhattan as Skouras (Kyle MacLachlan) and Agent Ferrell (Trieste Kelly […]