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The Last Ship: 1.04 We’ll Get There – Promo

Days after a trying series of events at Gitmo, Chandler and his crew are put under extreme duress when the ship’s propulsion system suffers a catastrophic event. With Dr. Scott in danger of losing all her research on the virus and a crew overworked, overtired and desperately low on drinking […]

falling skies renewed or cancelled predictions

Falling Skies: 4.04 Evolve Or Die – Promo

After breaking out of the Espheni Ghetto, Tom and the 2nd Mass seek refuge in a Volm hideout, where tensions run high between the Volm and humans. Tom sets off with Weaver and Cochise to find Matt, leaving Hal in charge. Meanwhile in Chinatown, Anne is reunited with Lexi, and […]


True Blood: 7.04 Death Is Not The End – Promo

In the aftermath of yet another bloodbath, Sam (Sam Trammell), Sookie and Jason find themselves the bearers of bad news in Bon Temps and beyond. Pam recalls the events that led her and Eric to Shreveport and Fangtasia. Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) get nourishment from unexpected […]

masters of sex 30 seasons?

Masters Of Sex 30 Seasons? Decades-Long Storyline Will Be Time Jumped

Masters Of Sex executive producer Michelle Ashford has teased how the 30-year relationship at the center of the show will be condensed into a finite number of seasons. Assuring Hitfix that Masters Of Sex wont last 30 seasons, Ashford revealed that the drama will take a mid-year time-jump in Season 2 to fast-track Masters and Johnson’s […]

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Utopia Series 2 Official Plot Guides – Episodes 2.01-2

Utopia Episode 2.01 (Jul 14) In 1974, a young scientific genius Philip Carvel meets an idealistic security services agent, Milner at a secret forum of political, industrial, financial and academic leaders. Milner is in charge of a powerful shadowy organisation known only as The Network. Together they hatch a radical […]

turn season 2

Turn Season 2 Expands Story, Reveals Global War – When Will It Air?

Craig Silverstein says the Revolutionary war will “broaden out” in Turn Season 2. Speaking to EW, the showrunner said he knows the broad strokes of Turn Season 2, which will expand the story and examine the global stakes of the war: We’re starting in a room, going, “Where do we go?” It’s […]