SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE – Finale Sneak Peek & Steven DeKnight Interview


Spartacus: Vengeance airs its season finale on Starz tonight. Get ready for the battle with a new sneak peek from the episode and an interview with series creator Steven DeKnight.

Watch the preview clip for “Wrath Of The Gods” below:

Steven DeKnight previews the finale in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Here’s the snippet:

What’s the significance of where we find Spartacus [Liam McIntyre] and his men going into the season finale?
Steven S. DeKnight: Historically, Spartacus and his band were trapped on Vesuvius with only one narrow path leading up and down. So definitely going into this, I was really going for that pervasive sense of doom — that it’s not good for the rebels.

And while Glaber [Craig Parker] has the advantage over Spartacus, what kinds of trials remain for the Romans?
DeKnight: Going into this season everybody really has an axe to grind against everybody else. And we really wanted to explore that and in classic Spartacus fashion. I’m a big fan of people never really saying exactly what they’re saying. There are always two or three different things going on in a conversation. And the beauty of it is once the season ends, if you go back and watch the whole thing again you’ll start to pick up on the things that were really happening once you know what people really wanted. And a great example of that is Lucretia.

What can you say about the possible deaths on the finale episode?
DeKnight: I always say on Spartacus: The downside of being on Spartacus is obviously we’ll kill just about anybody at any time. But, the upside is you usually get a spectacular death.

Source: THR

The Spartacus: Vengeance finale airs Friday @ 10PM on Starz.

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