SONS OF ANARCHY Season 6 Photo: First Look At Peter Weller


The Hollywood Reporter has debuted the first look photo of Peter Weller‘s new Sons Of Anarchy character.

The former Fringe guest star and SOA director will play Charles Barosky, a crooked  former cop who has taken advantage of the city’s loose infrastructure to become boss of the Stockton port. He crosses paths with SAMCRO and brings a whole load of trouble with him. Take a look below:


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  1. matt says

    hooray for him, I dont watch the show, but after Robocop 1& 2, Buckaroo Bonzai, FRINGE White Tulip, and Star Trek Into Darkness I would have expected him to do something more sci fi but it’s good to see him in somethign where he’ll get exposure and hopefully the recognition he deserves from those unaware of his talents

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    • says

      Don’t forget about Dexter! 😉 He was one of the highlights of season 5 IMO.

      I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy either, but it has so many actors that I love that I might have to someday…

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