SONS OF ANARCHY: FX Boss Addresses Emmy Snub, Sutter Talks Clay Redemption


FX president John Landgraf has weighed in on Sons Of Anarchy‘s latest Emmy snub.

Speaking at FX Television Critics Association on Saturday, Landgraf said:

“The show is grungy and blue-collar and violent and profane. I just think the Emmy voters don’t like it that much. I don’t see the Emmys at this point giving it any recognition. I could be wrong.”

Also at the tour, series creator Kurt Sutter reflected on creating characters with rich mythology, like Harold Perrineau‘s “Damon Pope”, loosely based on Frank Lucas:

“I like creating from that point of view…. That historical mythology, that make us who we are as men, and impact the choices we make on a daily basis, is really important to me.”

As for whether there’s a way back for Clay, Sutter says it’s not about making people want to like him again, per se — instead he wants to explore Clay’s natural response to perhaps being really broken for the first time:

“From the storytelling perspective, I can’t think of it as ‘How am I going to make people like Clay again?’ What I can do is try to honestly put him in those circumstances and have a character who’s been broken, and perhaps for the first time, has a deep sense of, ‘Wow, I really fucked up.’ What does Clay look like broken? What does his remorse look like? What does his desperate need to correct the damage look like from an alpha male, narcisssitic, Machiavellian character like Clay Morrow?”

Sutter also reiterated his intention to end the series after Season 7.

Source: TV Guide | Hitfix

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