SHERLOCK: Steven Moffat Teases Series 3’s Big Cliffhanger, What He Thinks Of Elementary


Sherlock fans are in for another heart-pounding cliffhanger in the third series of the BBC’s detective series, according to executive producer Steven Moffat, who also makes his feelings known about the “pretty remarkable behaviour” of the makers of Elementary. Watch below.

Speaking to IGN, Moffat discusses:

  • Series 2 fan discussion and Sherlock’s dramatic stunt.
  • Why they do “bursts” of high-impact storytelling versus longer ‘seasons’ of Sherlock.
  • Series 3’s general framework – they have a beginning, middle and end, which all builds towards another climactic final 20 minutes.
  • The catch-22 of CBS’s Sherlock Holmes adaptation Elementary – ‘if it’s not good then it affects the coinage of ours’, ‘if it’s too similar, then we’ll have to take action’.

Watch the interview in the player below

Filming for Sherlock Series 3 begins Jan 2013.

Source: IGN

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