SHERLOCK: Producer On Reliability Of Series 2 End Scene, Series 3 Teasers


Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss has been speaking about the detective series’ third series, while also throwing into question the final scene of the series 2 finale.

The following story contains major plot spoilers for the second series of Sherlock!

Speaking during a live web chat hosted by PBS, Gatiss said that early preparations on the third series — which includes explaining Sherlock’s great escape after seemingly leaping to his death — have begun:

We’ve had several meetings and we’re very, very excited about getting going! Certain things may already have been committed to paper, yes. Little bits of paper. That fly around. Like a man falling off a building. Has anyone suggested that Sherlock by the graveside might actually be a ghost?!

Ghost Sherlock? I think we can take that as tongue-in-cheek, but it’s good to see him mention the final scene of the second series as it will serve as the main ongoing story element going into the third chapter.

Assuming that image of Sherlock standing by the graveside is reliable, we stand by our theories on how the mercurial detective survived his giant fall.

Sherlock Producer Reveals Series 3 Details

During the chat, Gatiss also touched on the show’s decision not to over-explain the turbulent relationship between Sherlock and his brother Mycroft:

As Yoda might say “Back story show not you”! Far better to leave things in everyone’s imaginations. It’s nice to give little hints here and there but never a full answer. Why are the Holmes brothers the way they are? What are their parents like? Maybe we’ll see one day. We actually cut a bit from ‘Pink’ which gave a bit too much away about the obvious frisson of animosity that exists between them. It’s not there in the original stories it comes entirely from Billy Wilder and Izzy Diamond’s brilliant ‘Private Life of Sherlock Holmes’ and Christopher Lee’s cold, disdainful Mycroft. if you haven’t seen it – do!

Aside from the mystery of Sherlock’s survival, however, it remains to¬† be seen exactly how much serialization we can expect in the third series. Fingers crossed there will be enough overarching plot and ongoing character development for fans of serial to get stuck into. Would it be too wacky for me to hope that all three episodes of Series 3 form an interconnected story arc?

Source: PBS

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