59 Serialized TV Shows Renewed For Next Season

serialized tv shows renewed

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Black Sails (Season 2)

black sails season 2

Starz displayed huge faith in Black Sails by giving the pirate drama a second-season pickup long before the ship had even sailed onto our seriable screens.

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Black Sails (Season 2)


  1. linda t. dawson says

    Series dracula &sons of anarchy r 2 of best shows on television.also watch series dallas which surprised me has turned out 2 b really good show.hate 2 watch new shows on account they up &get cancelled.thanks.ms.dawson

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  2. andria gooden says

    THANKS TO UR LIST I have picked up some new shows to watch espcially the short ones on sundance channel,netflix and bbc uk shows. Great list of shows.

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    • says

      Glad to hear it andria, there are some quality seriables there, many of which could be around for a while yet.

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