92 Serialized TV Shows Renewed For The 2014-15 Season

serialized tv shows renewed
Black Sails (Season 2)

black sails season 2

Starz displayed huge faith in Black Sails by giving the pirate drama a second-season pickup long before the ship had even sailed onto our seriable screens.

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  1. linda t. dawson says

    Series dracula &sons of anarchy r 2 of best shows on television.also watch series dallas which surprised me has turned out 2 b really good show.hate 2 watch new shows on account they up &get cancelled.thanks.ms.dawson

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  2. andria gooden says

    THANKS TO UR LIST I have picked up some new shows to watch espcially the short ones on sundance channel,netflix and bbc uk shows. Great list of shows.

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    • says

      Glad to hear it andria, there are some quality seriables there, many of which could be around for a while yet.

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    • says

      What is the titel “21” referring to? I think I might have msiesd that in the episode.Great review, by the way. I’m glad you’re finally covering Boardwalk Empire on your site!

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    • Marilyn Rittinger says

      I cannot believe that such a cool company such as Fox would cancel Gang Related after one season, The way it was left at the end of season one. Shame on all of the higher up people who cancel and renew they like or dislike.

      There was a lot of fans including myself that loved the series and wanted at least one more season to put an ending to it. Gosh, what is the matter with you people. Now, all of Gang Related fans will never know the ending and it was an excellent cliffhanger, when they knew a series would be cancelled.

      You all should have given that writer who had such good ideas for next season. He wasn’t even given a chance. All he wanted was a chance to show how much he could have made a difference but the answer was NO.

      I can’t understand why networks leave fans with cliffhangers when they know a series will be cancelled.

      This is also for 24 Live Another Day.

      WOW!! You guys have problems.


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  3. Claire says

    Am still waiting with bated breath to see if they will renew witches of east end. There are so many fans out there internationally, it would be suicidal to cancel it

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  4. Jay says

    I just got done watching the end of season 2. I hope they make a season 3. I wasn’t expecting that to happen….. I love it. Its a unique show….

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  5. Debbie says

    Bring back Gang Related Season 2. Why leave us wondering?? We want to know did he live or die? Did Ryan stay loyal to his dark side? We want to know!!! Why leave the fans like this.

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  6. Owhy says

    And this cancelling of intelligent, entertaining and stimulating tv is why I rarely turn it on and tune in……….

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  7. Charlie says

    Longmire did not get its new season renewal on A&E. It’s getting shopped around by the studio for a new network.

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