Serialized TV Rocks In New Tribute Video [Fan-Made]

Breaking Bad (Season 4)

What do you get when you put all of your favorite serials together? Seriable, of course! But you also get this rather awesome video tribute to the “best television of 2011-12”.

The video is created by Seriable reader and video editor Jim. As Jim notes, it serves as “a sort of tribute to my favourite tv shows” (almost all of them ‘Seriable’), set to the tune of Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine.

Dig it in the player below, but be warned as the video does contain MAJOR spoilers for Breaking Bad (S4), Fringe (S4), House (S8), Dexter (S6), The Walking Dead (S2), Game of Thrones (S2), Person Of Interest (S1), Awake (S1), Terra Nova (S1), Once Upon A Time (S1), Homeland (S1), Hell On Wheels (S1) and Alcatraz (S1).

MAJOR SPOILERS for the shows mentioned above – watch at own discretion!

Video credit: Jim | FringeMusic108

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  1. Dessy says

    This is awesome
    I don’t know how people who watch only procedurals do it; I mean it’s sooo boring, when you have Fringe/Game of Thrones/Awake/Alcatraz/Homeland to absorb yourself in!

    Like: Thumb up 1

  2. Jim says

    Wow, this is almost a year ago. So much has changed! I suppose I should start working on a new one. 😉

    Like: Thumb up 2

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